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Posted by rjlockhart37 on February 17, 2020, at 20:38:04

today's post modern christianity does not teach about what jesus had taught about hades, he warned and told his disciples to warn people about the torment of hades of not being accepted, or those terrible last words "depart from me, i never knew you" when your decided if you are going to hades. It's a main, we have to warn people, the underworld has many sections to it, its benefit the earth, and the planets and galaxys you know like the stars in astrology.

They are home to places of heavenly forces (reptilian) and there is no joke that we are not alone in the universe. There are many planets and kingdoms of darkness, or i don't want to say because it could get me in trouble. But the moist urging message, is to know that jesus taught in his scripture about the burning valley of hinnom (gehenna), today it's a peaceful, valley with no sign of what it used to be.

In ancient, or around a certain period mullimums ago, it was burning valley of burning trash and ... dead people, you know like incindotrs that we have today, to burn know, well that was what it was back then. It smelled the most horrible smell, from trash, burning of dead things, and jesus had a parable of gehenna of burning place that is in hades, it unquenchable fire, it was a ancient day incinerator, the smell was more than awful, make you sick or ill smelling the horrible smell, of burning trash and dead things. That is only a small tiny portion of the explanation of what hades is gonna be like, there also is another dimension which is below hades, i don't want to name the namE but it is beyond pain. I don't want to describe it. But the parables of what jesus taught about hades was more profound than anything else, to warn people to save them from the eternal flame. I'm telling you, when you die and realize how real it is, i cannot say no more.

I don't like to put too much info, but what goes on in hades, brimstone as in volcano boiling, that's what your body would in, and flame, and these evil beings will torment you, it will the most horrifying thing, that you have realize it is real. Even though i havnt been to hades, i have read and researched on its horrible agony, beyond explanation. Please, repent of your sins, you have to be lived with blood line of jesus christ, there was a verse, it said you have to become little children to enter the kingdom. I think - and this is only my view, that you do and submit what lord says. And you don't speak evil words, under your breathe or complain while doing it. They are heard and written down, even though you don't publicly show it. Gehenna is a term, basically around jesus christ era, it was an incinerator, the machines the we have to today, indicators that burn trash, and smell awful, and almost toxic to breathe. THat is the example of gehenna, if you research today, its nothing but a valley today, google it. There is no sign of it being an incinerator where trash or unwanted things were thrown. I have to write this, i don't why im doing this, but my soul is telling me write this to let people know. I'll start with more research, and weeding out false information. Truth is the only thing should be spoken, to save people. But just know, that repent of your sins, and you keep living a life even through suffering, in the end it will be over with, keep faith, and use your wisdom.

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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