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Lou's reply--defofantisemitsm Dinah

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 17, 2011, at 15:48:53

In reply to Re: correction- Lou's request-poss misunderstanding, posted by Dinah on September 16, 2011, at 20:45:00

> Lou, I was just saying that Jesus wasn't attacking Jews. He was a Jew. It's like if I was upset at something my neighbor did. I certainly would hope no one would even think of telling me I was anti-American just because my neighbor would naturally enough be an American.
> Jesus didn't like certain behaviors. He loved Jews.
> He being Jesus. I have nothing more to say on the topic, really, Lou. Other than that people who talk about Jesus and the money lenders can not be assumed to be anti Semitic. And frankly I do feel a little insulted when I believe I am being accused of that.
> So I'll ask you straight out. Do you think I'm anti-Semitic?

You wrote,[...Do you think that I am...?].
To determine if a person is antisemitic or not requiers a want for information to make that determination.
The definition of what constitues antisemitism is agreed upon by many at this time. But for one to be antisemitic, that could be different from one posting something that is antisemitic here.
Mr Hsiung agrees that if a post has something in it that could lead a Jew to feel put down/accused, then the post is an antisemitic post. But that is not the only definition of antisemitism.
One form of antisemitism is to foster hate toward Jews or a Jew. This hate could be fosterd in many ways such as doing what could lead others to think things about Jews or a Jew that could sterotype a Jew or describe a Jew as a person in a defamatory context. This could be by scapegoating, attributing undesierable qualities to Jews or a Jew and other tactics that are evident in the historical record where communities became antisemitic on the basis that the leadership or the government fosterd antisemitic policies. This is called state-sponsored antisemitism.
Now some people consider one to be antisemitic if they are a member of a community that fosters antisemitism and they do not object to it. Their reasoning is that those that did not object could have stopped it and allowed it to spread like a forest fire by not standing up to the authorities that allowed antisemitim in the community. Now I do not accept that definition until those that are allowing antisemitism are given due-processs to determine why they allowed it.
Then there is discrimination toward Jews by having two standards or targeting Jews or a Jew or allowing others to break the laws towad Jews or a Jew. This can be indifference to a Jew's complaints or repeated negligence in allowing a Jew to be unprotected by the laws of the community. Then a Jew could become a victim of antisemitic violence due to the repeated negligence of the community leaders to protect Jews or Jew.
There are more definitions that I will post in my next post.
But for me to determine if you are antisemitic or not, I would need to discover by asking questions annd getting answers to them before I could do that.




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