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spritual help....

Posted by rjlockhart37 on January 31, 2013, at 22:21:49 [reposted on February 1, 2013, at 12:06:45 | original URL]

My mind...during the day, all this stupid sh*t, i talk but its like it loses the point of the conversation, ill start thinking really fast to keep on track, and it embarrasing in frount of people, getting the impression im stupid....but reality of it...the spirit of stupidity is a real thing....its a spirit, maybe not all brain malgerenration...Jesus casted a deaf and dumb spirit out of a man, then after he was fine.

the confusion and speech impairment, i've had it, all the doctors tell its in my head, and won't take seriously....tell me to stop being confused...i can' let them go baffle their false theroies,..this has been tested over again, nothing is wrong in the tests, CAT scans, SPECT scans, the only thing they have diagnosed is schizophenia and say that's the cause of all this...saying im paranoid... some of them are outdated scans and tests because i had them 5 years ago....

but....It's not healthy to sit and think over and over again whats wrong till the point where it causes insanity itself.

so....down to earth....havent told my parents about this, all this psychatric stuff.... these spirits have names, for each sickness they cause...sorrow, madness, heaviness, retatdation...even stupidy... just got to get these things outta here...Jesus really is the only awnser i see right things through his name.

anyways if anyone knows any spiritual help...i've tried some of the intellect spiritual stuff...doesnt work, false and strange beliefs systems... its an illusion...false happiness, or whatever mindset they try to achieve.

im not going to happy when i see this post tommrow during the day..


not a scholar but understand distress
Prozac 60mg
Lamictal 200mg
Zyprexa 20mg
Nuvigil 250mg
encourage you to avoid false beliefs




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