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Lou's response- europerep

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 7, 2010, at 15:32:18 [reposted on July 8, 2010, at 3:31:57 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Lou's request-dhagreydesehp, posted by europerep on July 7, 2010, at 14:36:26

> > If you are considering posting in this thread or parallel threads, I am requesting that you be aquainted with thefollowing
> I thought this was C_e's thread... why don't we, for once, tread lightly on this subject?

Lou's response...
It is written here as above. Now I have not ever heard of the concept of [owning the thread] being a part of the TOS here. Now if the innitator of the thread makes the request that only particular types of posts be posted, that could be a different situation, for here there is not such a request by the innitiator of the thread.
But what good could come from that? If the forum's goals are for support, suport is not the same as {reinforcment}. In fact, let's say that a member starts a thread about wanting to take two drugs tha are listd as when they are taken together they could cause death. Now if {owning the thread} was part of the tOS here, could the person die if all the posts reinforced the innitiator of the thread to take the two drugs together?
You see, the TOS here contains that different points of view are encouraged. Discussion is what the forum is for, and discussion could have more than one point of view.
In the simple terms, let's say that a meber innitiates a thread that he/she says that the earth is flat. Does that mean that members can not post otherwise? Now if the poster in this case posts that they only want posts that reinforce that he earth is flat, then I will not post oterwise.
But you see here, there is a life at stake on the outcome wheras there is not that in the flat-earth example. The poster posted that he has a relationship with a god. I would like to find out which god, then I could post accordingly, for the poster's handle is Christ_empowerd which in hid previous posts presented a foundation for my posts here so that I could offer support andeducation. The education could be helpful and supportive if the poster so wants. If not, the poster does not have to do the search and could ignore my request.
There is much more to this but I am trying to save lives here and the poster in question has opened the door for discussion. That discussion could be reinforcing or not, but the door has been opened and all can walk through, for support includes different points of view because they are encouraged here.




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