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Lou's reply-listovdrugs SLS

Posted by Lou Pilder on April 5, 2010, at 19:32:18

In reply to Re: Lou's reply-thmidovgd Lou Pilder, posted by SLS on April 5, 2010, at 9:53:41

> > In order for this topic to be understood, all of what the bible says could clarify about mind-altering drugs and what or/and who are the sorcerers and such.
> Isn't presuming the meaning of the bible in its entirety a matter of interpretation?
> > But the thread here is about what the bible says, not what I think it says or even if it is about if I believe it or not.
> It seems to me that your conclusions rely almost entirely on your own personal interpretations of the words contained in the bible.
> So far, my own interpretations of the verses you have cited is that it is an acceptable practice to use Prozac to treat depressive disorders. So, I guess we have a difference of opinion based upon our individual interpretations of the bible rather than a contradiction of ascertainable facts.
> - Scott

You wrote,[...your own ..interpretations of biblical words...]
The interpretation of {sorcerer} is not mine, for it is comming from a Greek word, {pharmakia} which the lexicons state to be drugs, where the word pharmacy comes from.
Sorcerers are defined in lexicons and bible commentaries as those that use mind-altering drugs to poison or control people. Another source is a book by W.E. Wise that defines the word sorcery as such and there is the citation here by BF.
Now the sorcerer has many plants and other substances from insects and snakes to use to cut up and combine to be mind-altering. I also know of the use of by-products from smelting. Here is a list of a few
Jimson weed
mistletoe berries
poison hemlock
pointsettia leaves
poison mushrooms
alcohol as fermented in drink
insect and snake poisons
Now the sorcerer could poison another so that the other would die. But the sorcerer found that by giving the person small amounts of the substance without killing the person, then the person's mind could be controlled. The chemicals in the substance beacame mind-altering to deminish or blunt the person's thinking and make them easily controlled. What they may have not known is how those plant chemicals worked to poison. They are neuro-toxins, similar in action to neuroleptic drugs. They then were used as insecticides and rat poison.
Now we are discussing as to if the bible says that it is or is not God's will that people take mind-altering drugs. And there are verses that tell of the fate of sorcerers. Now if there are numerous lexicons that state that the Greek word pharmakia means drugs, and sorcerers are those that use drugs to poison or alter the mind of someone, then I think that this is useful infomation to the person here that believes that the bible is the Word of God and wants to do God's will and not have their name blotted out of the Book of Life. But there is much more to this.




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