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Lou's reply to Jamal-thescrts-shok-

Posted by Lou Pilder on January 17, 2008, at 19:09:09

In reply to Lou's reply to Jamal-thescrts Jamal Spelling, posted by Lou Pilder on January 17, 2008, at 15:23:54

> > Do you have any thoughts on who, or what, the 666 that is described in the Bible, refers to? And, the mark of the animal?
> Jamal,
> You wrote,[...who, what...666...mark...?]
> Jamal,
> I can tie in all of what we have been discussing concerning the Lake of Fire, hell, and the original topic that was [...what the bible says or doesn't say about suicide...].
> The book called Revelation is a book penned by a Jew that was intended for at least Jewish readers so that the symbolism in the book could possibly be recognizable by Jews from their teachings from their sacred writings. As a Jew, I understand the symbols and could tell you of the meanings of the symbols from a Jew's perspective.
> In your wanting to know about [...his mark will be 666...], a Jew could understand that in light of the Jew's understanding of that the letters in the Hebrew alphabet are given numbers. Numbers also denote meanings in the Hebrew. The number 1 means {Union}...4 means {Creation}...6 means {man as only flesh, [carnal man]}...7 means {perfection or completness} { creation in 7 days}...13 means {rebellion or sin}...33 is a {promise}...144 I will explain later as it is used in the book called Revelation. There are many more.
> With this understanding, Jews could know what the 666 symbol could be. There are also verses from the Jew's scriptures that could also lead to an understanding. In the book called Deuteronomy, in chapter 29 verse 29, we read;
> [...the secret things belong to God; those things revealed belong to us...]
> Lou

In response to your interest and question, I can tie in all that we have been discussing here concerning The Lake of Fire, hell, Masonry and Solomn's Temple. Years ago, I had posted here that what I could post about could be shocking.
I have talked here about Masonry and stones and The Temple of Solomon. And we now are in discussion about what John, a Jew , meant in that ,[...the number of man....666...]in the book called Revelation. As a Jew, I can relate to the symbolism that John wrote about while he was in Spirit.
Let us now go to Solomon's Temple and Solomon. A Jew versed in their scriptures could read 666 in two places, one in the book called 1 Kings chapter 10 verse 14,
[ the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was 666 talents of gold...] (about 50,000 pounds). The same verse is in a book called 2 Chronicles.
Jews could be aware of much more concerning Solomon here. But John's writing of 666 to a Jew could cause them to be directed to Solomon, for the reference to 666 does not have another parallel in the Jews scriptures. I will say more about Solomon and connect the Beasts that Danial referr to and what has been revealed to me concerning the symbols used in the book called Revelation.




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