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Lou's reply to Jamal Spelling-1a Jamal Spelling

Posted by Lou Pilder on December 24, 2007, at 11:43:24

In reply to Re: Lou's reply to Bobby-fndtnofJwdsm, posted by Jamal Spelling on December 24, 2007, at 10:25:32

> Please tell us about the foundations of Judaism, the lake of fire, the temple of Solomon, Freemasons, the secret society to which you belong, etc. And what is "XXX" that you keep referring to?
> I want to know EVERYTHING!!! In detail! Please.
> Jamal

There are threads here now that have overlapping content such as what the bible says about or does not say about suicide, Masonry, The Temple of Solomon, The Lake of Fire, The Second Death,the foundation of Judaism, Jesus, and more.
I could tie those together because of what has been revealed to me. One being what has been revealed to me as to the synbols in what is called the book of Revelation in the Christian bible. The writer, John, was a Jew and as a Jew I understand what the symbols that he used in the book represent, for I think that since he was a Jew,writing to Jews and non Jews in Asia, that he was writing so that a Jewish reader could understand the symbols used. The book further offers a blessing to those that read it or hear it said to them.
So I would like to present this for support and education here and to help the one addressed in the innitial post concerning what the bible says or doesn't say concerning suicide.
There are rules that have been made here that restrain me from posting the foundation of Judaism and a rule that says that since there could be a (less-confident} member here, I can not post my name 4 times as a handle unless there is another member's handle between my names. Keeping that in mind, I may not be able to post what you have requested, for since being a Jew, my posts will come from a Jewish perspective and this could require me to break down precepts into small increments for they may be unbeknownst to some.
On your request concerning Masonry, I belong to an order that has a similar mission as them, that came from England 800 years ago and has 2,000,000 members now, almost all in the US, Canada and England. The mission of both is to do what could be good for the community as a whole. This may not be the same concept as Robert Hsiung says that he does here.
In the order that I belong to, we go back 800 years when the guilds existed in England. These guilds had a way of doing what could be good for the community as a whole. For instance, if there was a death, the members would pass the hat and take a collection. That became unworkable after a while and so each member contributed into a common fund each month to provide a death benifit to the deceased family. If someone's house burnt down, there was a fund for that also. Then orphanages were established if both parents died. That was changed in our order to a orphan's benifit in cash so that the children could live with aunts and uncles and grandparents and have a monthly benifit for their care. Then we built retirement havens for those that reached 65 without retirment of their own. These are resorts in Florida and England and Canada. This concept was called {spreading the risk}. The insurance companies came out of this concept. But we call it {fraternalism}, from the latin, {fratinus} which means brotherhood. The Masonic motto is similar to ours, {Liberty, benevalence, concord} and Liberty equlality fraternity could also be a motto. We think that this is what is good for the community as a whole and I built a community on that motto as the chief deputy for the order where I live and have seen the great results of fraternalism. I csn not tell you the order because we operate on a not-for-profit basis and advertising is prohibited here for tax reasons.
I have a great knowlege of fraternalism and have tried to bring it to this forum. My concentration now is to provide knowlege to others here by email because of the 3 consecutive post rule and that I can not post the foundation of Judaism here. One can email me to see Robert Hsiung's post directed to me concerning that , for he made new rules when I rejoined the forum last year or so ago that make it uncivil for to post even what he posted concerning that.




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