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Posted by Shame on October 19, 2005, at 15:13:44

In reply to WICCA, posted by vines123456 on August 12, 2005, at 18:27:15

Let me start by saying that I was born into a Wiccan family. I have a very different view of pagan and Jeudeo-Christian religions than most people you will talk to. I don't think this is a place for philosophical debates, and I have no intention of making anyone feel uncomfortable. I'm hoping that a different point of view may help put things into focus.

Like any religion, most of the Wiccans you are familiar with are the outliers, the fringe element that like to attract attention to themselves. Obviously the 'Goths' fit into this category. From my perspective nothing they say or do supports their claim that they are Wiccan. They have no true faith in the religion, and view it as a way to rebel more than a way to find spiritual enlightenment. True Wiccans look and act like your average Joe walking down the street. We live a moral life, help others, love our families, and work for a living.

Many women (young and old) are drawn to Wicca because modern 'neo-pagan' Wicca places a very heavy emphasis on woman’s role in the creation of the world and the divinity that surrounds us. This is somewhat of a departure from the tenants of the Old Religion (Wicca as it has stood in decades past), but is generally harmless, and is just a way for most women to feel more divine. As I look into the world of Christianity, I see God creating man in his own image, and women are created as an afterthought. I see women responsible for the worlds ills. I can see how it would be easy for a young woman to see Wicca welcoming in that respect.

Will it be a phase? More often than not, it is. Wicca is somewhat 'in style' at the moment, and we are seeing a great number of young 'Wiccans' that do not truly believe, but are buying books on tarot cards, astrology and other nonsense that has nothing to do with Wicca. Some grow bored with it and return to the religion of their own families, some realize they always were Wiccan, and they let it fill their life.

I know that every persons religion is sacred to them, and when true faith fills your soul, it's the most wonderful thing in the world. If your daughter is exploring true Wicca, and if she follows the path it lays out before her, she will lead a moral life.

I realize that the true issue here is her belief in Christ, and accepting him as her Savior. What I am saying to you is, is that if she does return to you, she will not have behaved in a way that will shame you. Although Wiccans and Christians seem to be at odds most of the time, we have much more in common than most people would want to admit. We are not about dark cloaks and secret ceremonies. I gladly answer any question about our ways. We hold life as sacred as you do. What outsiders view as ritual magic, we call prayer. It's a way to feel connected with God.

Hope it helps.




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