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About God , our purpose, and death..

Posted by Spriggy on March 26, 2005, at 12:45:09

I read something recently that really left me thinking about my purpose here on earth.

Everyone knows how popular the "purpose driven life" book has become. Why?

Everyone, no matter who they are, whether they are a drug addict and prostitute, or the preacher in the pulpit REALLY longs to know WHY we are here and what we were created for.

There's not a single breath (I Believe) that has not pondered the thought about God and what life means, and where we go after we leave this place, etc..

I think God created that in us; that deep longing to KNOW WHY and to know Him. Even people who swear they don't believe in Him, sit and ponder about Him constantly and the reasons why they believe He doesn't exist.

It's just engrained into our inner being to question those things. A dog barks, a bird chirps, humans long to know if God is really there and if He is, who is He?

I believe with all my heart I have found those answers through Jesus CHrist.

I know my purpose in life. I am daily doing my best to fulfill that calling He created me for.

Anyway, I said all that to say this.

I read a few things lately that really struck me hard in the depths of my being.

1) God did not create us to make a big deal out of us, God created us so we can make a big deal out of Him.

2) Death does not have to be fatal..

That last one really struck me considering my dad is on his death bed.

I guess no matter how much faith you have or what you believe, when you are staring death right in the face, you have reevaluate all you claim to believe in.

So death does not have to be fatal.. I guess what that meant to me is that for the believer in Jesus.. Death REALLY is not "death." Death is merely the reward for our faith.

If you believe in Jesus CHrist and that He really is who He claims He is (from the bible) than we know that when our physical bodies are laid down and "die", we then proceed on to be in His presence for eternity.

So death for the Christian, is almost the equivelent of having your birthday and at the end of the day, waiting to open up all your presents.

When my dad's "flesh and bone" finally fails him and he dies, I know that he is simply finding his reward for all he believed in this life on earth.

That Jesus is the son of God. That He really did raise from the dead and pay the price for us. and that we truly do have eternal life if we just believe that.

Just me rambling again... but thanks for listening.




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