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Re: Mental Ilness....and Demonic Oppression

Posted by rayww on February 18, 2005, at 13:09:17

In reply to Mental Ilness....and Demonic Oppression, posted by Buckeye Fan on February 17, 2005, at 8:13:08

I experienced demonic oppression once, and have wondered about false spirits. I have gone the course on this topic because at my bipolar extremes people who are very close to me thought I was possessed. They did not understand the extremes. I do, and I accept them and try to harness them and use them for good. No matter who we are and what disorder we suffer from, there is an element of belief and submission that unless understood, can be overlooked.

God can and does heal mental and physical illness if it is according to His will. He can also lead us to our own understanding and solutions. Many times healing cannot take place without fasting and prayer. There is usually an element of submission on our part. All are capable of a belief in God. All are capable of submission at whatever level.

Both good and bad habits can be developed in our disorders. There is a light side to the disorder that can be tapped into. It is very creative and imaginative. But usually it is the bad habits we have fallen into in the disorders that requre the most effort on our part to overcome.

How does demonic posession happen? One way is the moment we lose control of our own falculties Satan is right there at the door waiting to come in and take over without our realizing it. He watches all forms of chemical imbalance, especially things we have no power or control over. There is every degree of posession because Satan is very clever. He knows our areas of greatest vulnerability, but so does God.

God will especially protect us in our area of greatest vulnerability, because those are our inherant weakensses. But Satan often disguises himself as love and as helping others and carefully and cleverly leads us to a slightly wrong fork in a road that is very close to the right one. Suddenly this road we are travelling can make an abrupt turn, and that is the point at which we become lost.

What tools are available for our healing and use? Belief and Faith are mentioned the most in scripture.

It's a struggle to barely survive, and when chemical imbalance is present, the struggle is extreme. After I was numbed with medication to the point that I couldn't connect to my own thoughts or feelings, I decided to try a nutritional supplement. Desperate people noticed that aggression in hogs was calmed by a certain nutritional supplement in their feed. They decided to try it on one's daughter who was going to suicide. Within two days her suicidal thoughts and aggressive behavior subsided and her personality returned.

The scriptures teach us that Satan's goal is to destroy us, and as quickly as possible lead us to death before we have a chance to repent. He thinks by so doing he can claim us, but that's a lie. Christ set in motion THE plan for a way back. We are so much better off if we stick it out here. Keep looking for solutions. Apply correct principles. Experiment with the seeds of faith. Try to figure out the basics of life for yourself. Cling to basics.

How do we know if we have a problem with evil spirits? The scriptures teach that if we cannot pray to God it is a sign there may be a problem. I mean we CAN NOT pray. We kneel down and our mind gets flooded with other thoughts. I love this chapter: and for me, this is the bottom line.

I am fasting and praying today that any and all who are troubled with demonic posession may be relieved according to their faith and belief.




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