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Re: 1st anniversary of Dad's death - MADE IT THIS FAR corafree

Posted by not2late4u on January 30, 2005, at 17:27:48

In reply to Re: 1st anniversary of Dad's death - MADE IT THIS FAR, posted by corafree on January 30, 2005, at 15:39:32

cf, You're go between you and God is Jesus. We cant get to God without Jesus. Your dad was just as human as the rest of us. Some of us act or do better things than others do. God doesnt love them anyless or more. Selfishness, I think the majority if not all of us are selfish. Some more than others. And I personally think that someone can be selfish in one area and be totally giving in another.
I didnt grow up in a family that went to church or a "religous" family. I heard of Him throughout my years. I even accepted Him when I was in the 6 or 7th grade. Thats when I was a preteen and well, must I say, God was with me through all my bad ways, because I am still alive. I had two physically/mentally/emotionally abusive boyfriends, 1 was also sexually abusive. I became a true/real christian in 1998. Thats when I attended church, became a member of it, went to classes to learn, they call them disciplship courses. Since 1998, had a REAL desire to earn a degree in the bible. But other things always got in the way. Satan has managed to side track me for quite some time with anxiety and a couple of other issues. Priorites too. Eventhough I have been able to touch others during this time and others have been able to minister to me. So, Satan is not the winner here, he is the loser, because I dont give up hope. I do read the bible, my church teaches from the bible, which is how it should be. My church teaches us how to live today. There are cd's or tapes you can buy that are the entire bible, so if reading is difficult, you can listen. Also, I watch some pastors on TV, which you need to be careful of who you watch. There are times when I dont go to church, out of laziness or whatever. So, I am far from what the world might perceive as the "perfect" christian. I dont think one exists. But, when I have had doubts, a pastor of my church said, this: ask yourself this question, "would you knowing what you know now, walk away from God?". IF the answer is no, then you know that God is in you and you are in God (which is scriptural) Gods heaven, well that is my Hope, that what He says in the bible is true. I dont have actual proof that heaven exists, but what I do have proof of, are the personal experiences I have had with God and over time getting to know who He is and trusting Him. If He says one thing is true, then everything He says as to be true, because the bible says, He is not a liar. Satan is the liar, he is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. God comes to give peace, life now on earth and etnerally, joy and to have a personal relationship with Him, among other things. Do I ever "fear" that there isnt a heaven or eternal life? ya, sometimes. But I also know that the opposite of fear is faith. Its a growing thing. But I have also read and sutdied things on faith, fear, health etc, this is what faith comes by hearing the word over and over and over. Sorry so long......Renee




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