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Re: 1st anniversary of Dad's death - MADE IT THIS FAR corafree

Posted by not2late4u on January 30, 2005, at 14:31:01

In reply to 1st anniversary of Dad's death - MADE IT THIS FAR not2late4u, posted by corafree on January 29, 2005, at 22:42:00

CF, You should feel good about yourself for the progress you've made. God is not disappointed in you, neither is your dad, Im sure for all the reasons you listed. But also, my belief is that God loves us no matter what. He may hate the sin, just like christians should, but not the sinner. God wants to hold you and hold your hand and has been throughout this process. Here's my best answer, not knowing all circumstances to your question about where your Dad, George, is. It is my belief based on my understanding of the bible, that those who believe in God, upon their death, go to be with the Lord. They are NOT spiritually separated from Him. The physical body is in the ground or whatever choice was made, ie...cremation etc. But I know that if your dad was a believer, he is with the Lord in heaven. It says, I think in the book of Matthew, that Jesus went to prepare a place for us. So, those who have already died, are there, in that glorious mansion that Jesus has prepared. Your dad is happy there, he feels no pain or grief. He feels the peace that we can only know once we get there too! I dont believe that your dad just doesnt exist. he exists in heaven with Jesus and our father God. I dont believe your dad is in limbo somewhere between earth and heaven, lost. It sounds like to be that God has been answering your prayers and helping you, he must be preparing you now to help someone else later in life. God will turn all those bad/ evil things to our good. He will talk a horrible tradegy (that He didnt cause, but allowed to happen) and He will see that good will come from it for someone or many. Some day I may need to call on you for your suppport since I havent lost my parents yet. I can only really say I've grieved for the loss of cats (which I know some would look down upon) but God knows I have a sensitive heart for animals and they become such a huge part of my life. I dont have any children, so they are my children. I did lose a friend to suicide many years ago, but I was young and partying so never really grieved a healthy greive for him. Any my grandma, wasnt that close to her, but sometimes I think I see my friend or grandma or people who sure remind me of them. Thats a trip. Anger was my biggest thing with my friend who committed suicide. I tried it once, not because I wanted to die, but because I wanted to escape what was going on at that time in my life. Glad it didnt work, because that part of my life is LONG gone! And I would have caused alot of family alot of pain. HOpe that doesnt upset you CF, thats just my perspective. One more thing, it sounds like your dad was a great man! sounds like he gave alot and touched alot of people. keep Loving him and if you think you were also idolizing him. try to replace that, because God is the only one that belongs on that pedistal. :) You're not alone, I'll try to find a letter that a christian friend wrote to me, inspired by God, I think it will help you too. Godly love, Renee




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