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Re: The Jewish Faith?

Posted by ayrity on January 5, 2005, at 0:46:34

In reply to The Jewish Faith?, posted by Angel Girl on January 2, 2005, at 12:47:03

Well, I haven't been here in a while, because this board upsets me too much. I agree with Lou that there is a general tolerance here for antisemitic postings and a great disparity in the way posters are admonished to rephrase or are banned for some comments but not others. However, I'll take a shot at your questions: (yes, I'm Jewish, btw)

> Do you use the same old Testament as Christian's do?

Yes, though usually in Hebrew. The King James and other translations reflect the biases of the later Christian translators. But essentially they are the same texts. Christian bibles tend to include some of the apocryphal texts that are not accepted as part of the traditional Jewish canon, though they still can be considered Jewish texts.

> And what about the New Testatment?


> Who do you think the Jesus in Christianity was/is?

Most Jews believe that Jesus was a historical person, a Jew and a teacher who developed his own following. Period.

> Are you still waiting for a Messiah?

Yes, this is a key component of Jewish faith.

> Do you believe in everlasting life and if so, how is that to be obtained?

Judaism is vague on details of the afterlife, prefering to focus on sanctifying daily life in the here and now. Judaism believes in the coming of the Messiah, and the ressurection of the dead. Most Jews believe in a Heaven (though usually not Hell), but again Judaism is vague on the details (I am no expert on this subject).

> Do you believe in angels?

Yes. Christianity inherited the belief from Judaism.

> Do you believe in the same God as Christians?

Yes, though we do not agree necesarily about his form. Judaism (and Islam, btw) are very strict about a transcendant, single G-d who does not take any form. That is why images, icons, idols and any representations of G-d are strictly taboo in traditional Judaism and Islam. Therefore, the Christian notion of the Trinity is not compatible with traditional Judaism.

> Do you believe in Satan and if so, what is his origin?

Traditional Judaism holds that Satan remains a servant of G-d and his purpose is to test mankind (as in the Book of Job). Satan is not independent nor the embodiment of evil; he does not function outside the will of G-d.

> Does your faith have any impact on your mental illness or vice versa?

Not really, as I am no longer very observant. I get depressed when I am not with family for holidays, as happens often since I live far away from them. And I am often moved and uplifted, I guess, when I attend services.

Hope that helps. I am no expert or religious scholar, but I believe what I have written is accurate for the most part.




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