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Re: Lenten Sacrifices...

Posted by holymama on March 3, 2004, at 10:06:54

In reply to Lenten Sacrifices..., posted by Dena on February 27, 2004, at 13:31:23

Good post Dena.

There is obviously a lot of thought and searching out into your questioning.

I felt that I had to respond to this post because I relate to your situation a lot. I agree with everything you are saying and I feel very strongly about it. I am one of those people with a "Turn off TV, Turn on Life" and "Television is Drugs" bumperstickers on my car. I also have a TV that is used selectively (no cable, just movies), but very often overused with my 3 kids, like half of the day in the winter. I also want to assure you that I do not judge you and your situation because I know how much mothers need a babysitter, and how much kids love TV. (DId you say 7 kids??? !!! WOW!)

I just wanted to remind you of something. Life can be very good without TV. I have been in both places -- my husband and I never had a TV before kids, until my parents bought us one because they assured us we needed one. We planned to raise our children without one, but of course we have given in. We go through long periods (often in the summer) with the TV put away in the summer. And having no cable means that we watch far less than we normally would, since we don't like to rent movies often (though the kids have a stack of their own at home). And then we go through periods like this winter of disguistingly long hours of movie watching. I would say that all of your suspicions about what they are learning is correct. My kids' behavior is black and white when they are/are not watching TV. WHile they are watching it, they are lazy, disrepectful to me, whiney, uncreative, they fight a lot, etc...Amazingly, after putting the TV in the closet (literally), and after a week or so of difficult adjustment time (be prepared for that if you do it), they become so much more content and aggreeable. My house is transformed into creative kids who play by themselves, get along better, leave me alone more, play outside... And the effects on me are equally as amazing. I READ. THat is the one thing I love to do but can't find the time for if I am watching the TV at night. I look forward to it after an inintial period of wondering what to do and feeling bored. I suddenly have time to do more things!!!You obviously are a spiritual person; what about reading and meditating on something spiritual that will enrich your life? I have been reading the Bible in the bath after I get the kids to bed, and I look forward to it -- it is my favorite, most treasured time of the day, and since I've been doing it, I have been growing and feeling so good. Of course, it's not an easy transition to make; I'm no idiot. The hardest part is turning that TV off to begin with. I hope you try it for Lent. I love hearing from conscious people who are aware and who want to live well. I read somewhere that the opposite of faith is hypocrisy. I'm probably misquoting that since it doesn't make sense to me, but anyway, the hypocrisy in living a life you know is wrong, or hurtful to yourself and your children is something we should all work on. I'm not judging, since I am right now trying to make changes in my own life about things I am hypocritical about. We all need to reevaluate our lives and try to live honestly and well. Making those changes is serving God in the way He wants us to. Good luck to you, and please keep me updated!!





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