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Re: faith in family NikkiT2

Posted by rayww on February 6, 2004, at 10:21:34

In reply to Re: faith in family rayww, posted by NikkiT2 on February 5, 2004, at 8:21:35

a tree is not just the branch and the flower. A tree has roots. Sure, the leaves look beautiful and the flowers dance together, making merry sunshine, but what produced the leaf? What produced the flower? Every living thing, whether a plant, bird, fish, animal, human has been programmed to multiply and replentish. I say programmed, but actually put here for the purpose of. Can you plant a flower and grow a tree?

We now know how to make babies in test tubes. does that mean everyone should be able to have one?

Religion and faith issues on marriage and family:
The root I was referring to at the beginning goes back to the beginning of time. Adam and Eve, male and female, were created, and then commanded to multiply and replentish the earth. We, (you and I) are the fruit. but the tree that produced the fruit was kept growing into the future by natural reproduction processes. (like this so far???)

If we turn reproduction over to the fruit alone, reproduction will wither, and things like aunts, uncles, cousins will begin to disappear. Every now and then a seed may get planted and grow, but most likely the seed will just get eaten with the fruit. (gee this is getting better)

You ask me questions about fruit and flowers, not of roots. Flowers dance in the sunshine but fall to the wind. fruit also falls and reseeds itself, to replentish the forest. (getting a little gushy here)

Traditional marriage is sacred to me. I have faith in God and in his plan concerning family. If you want to read the official position of the church concerning marriage and family read this: At the time it was written, we all wondered why the brethren had to write something so basic and call it an official declaration.

I believe in the rights of others and freedom to choose, but I also believe in cause and effect, accountability, and consequense. I trust nature, and have faith in its balance. When even the tiniest element gets out of balance, there is a rippling effect. Life is balance. Economy is balance. Enviornment is balance. Balance in motion. The world moves so fast and has to maintain balance at the same time. Proof that god really is in charge.

I live 60 miles away from the mountains, yet I have never driven toward them and seen the same picture twice. There has never been two identical days. There are no identical people. Even with cloning you will not get identical people, because you cannot clone a spirit. Life is all about balance and accountability.

You've heard the phrase, "don't upset the apple cart"? Well, the apple cart we push through life is fragile, full of precious cargo, and hard to keep in motion.

I know many wonderful people who are lesbien or homosexual, but they are all accountable to the same laws of nature that I am. I think of Paul in the New Testament as he describes "thorn in the flesh" . We all have our personal thorn in the flesh that we have to live with. We either succomb to it or make a life around it. One dear friend has chosen to be true to her faith in God. She has many woman friends, and lives with a straight friend, and chooses to stay loyal to the royal in her. Sometimes it is a choice between celebicy and sin. I agree, some are born gay because there are feminite and masculine genes in all degrees in everyone. Are people born smokers, drinkers, or born to be immoral? Immorality in any form is an addiction. Immorality causes depression and depression causes immorality because of the balance issue. We're opening a can of worms here because this topic doesn't have a lid.




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