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re: Manic Depression Article to Jim and Dena Dena

Posted by habbyshabit on August 26, 2003, at 23:26:54

In reply to re: Manic Depression Article to Jim and Dena, posted by Dena on August 26, 2003, at 22:06:20

Dear Dena,

Your post is beautifully written and I'm sure there is reconciliation all around. I'll take all the prayers you care to send. I'll never know for sure the way of this earthly mystery. In kind I send you light and love and peace and a journey full of wonder. This love also seems to come from a place deep within myself that is not of my making or creation. I agree there is a force of love that goes beyond definition and can be "channeled" with an open heart and deep compassion. I may not agree with you the nature of the source.

Now - imagine this - hypothetically speaking:

IF the judgement day comes when all the faithful are called back to God and I am turned away for not believing and choosing him when presented with the facts - well - I'll think fondly of you and of your presence here.

Then IF I'm sent to perish in unending destruction for using the free will he has given me to choose another way - well, that wouldn't be a God whose glory and joy I would want to hang out in everlastingly! Sounds like a controlling kind of supreme being to me - and sadistic at that.

IF Christ's last words to his father as a human were, "forgive them God, for they know not what they do", then this Supreme Being wasn't listening. This hypothetical Divinity is the epitomy of unforgiveness and punishment. I'd rather perish, even in unending destruction.

Hypothetically speaking of course - that's just my opinion, I could be wrong... needless to say.

Again, I don't mean to demean your beliefs, but only show my reaction to such a story line. You can see that I am one of the unfaithful, that has been already established. I hope my hypothetical posturing doesn't sound like a putdown. Just my way of seeing the story. I'd probably be cynical of any story anyone could come up with at this point in time, even one of the Buddha.

So I thinks it's great the way you shared your belief with me/us. It's a wonder to have such a strong belief as to risk ridicule and banishment and such. You are getting better at being a missionary for your faith here at PsychoB-Faith.

I admire you for coming back and giving it another go. I also admire you for giving that article a read, knowing it would trigger such a strong response. It shows you have an open mind, even if you might think you don't.

I admire you for trying so well to put this little misunderstanding and hard feelings to rest - which for my part, you have.

I like to call you friend, even if we walk under different umbrellas of protection.

with all love,




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