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Lou's response to Miller's post about rayww's post Miller

Posted by Lou Pilder on January 24, 2003, at 9:56:20

In reply to Re: Sadness Lou Pilder, posted by Miller on January 23, 2003, at 22:15:50

You wrote,[...were you offended by rayww's post? you agree with his/her statement(s)?...]
To answer as to if I was offended or not, we have to understand some givens. First, this is a separate board from the others that focuses on faith and that atheism and agnosticism are considered non-supportive to faith and are not permitted on the faith board but can be posted on the social board.
Also, posters have posted their beliefs, such as [...jesus is our salvation to those that obey Him...] and [...I believe that there is one God and that I should have no others before Him...] and [...there are two, God and Jesus...] and [...I believe in the Father , the Son, and the Holy Ghost...] and [...the pharisees sought to kill jesus...] and [...catechism 1260] and others that have been deemed to be [OK] here.
I am not offended by any of those posts unless the post constitutes a racial slur. Rayww's post did not say that jews, or others, were, let's say, [..greedy, abusive or some refference to anatomy...]. So on that basis, rayww's post did not offend me. In refference to [...there are only 3...], I consider that statement by rayww to be his/her own thoughts about the history of the christian religion and that it was my understanding that the statement was directed to the posters that rayww was discussing with, which were christian, and me jewish, and that the other religions of the world were not participants in the discussion with rayww, so I thought they were not mentioned by rayww because none of the other posters were of religions other than the ones rayww wrote about. I understand that some groups teach that they are separate from jewdaism and Islam and Hinduism and others and Roman Catholicism and the groups that came from Catholicism after Martin Luther and others initiated what is called the [protestant reformation] in the 1500's. This could be a history statement by rayww, so I consider his/her statement non-offensive to me, and it goes without saying that on the faith board there are different faiths, and different faiths have different, well, faiths!
And I believe that we could recognise that we could practice tolerance. I understand that rayww is of the Mormon group and I appreciate his/her sharing their doctrines with us here. I undersdtand that those doctrins are rayww's and that is what rayww believes and that does not offend me.




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