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Re: The Word of God-the Rider unveiled-part 2

Posted by rayww on November 23, 2002, at 17:59:31

In reply to The Word of God-the Rider unveiled-part 2, posted by Lou Pilder on October 2, 2002, at 12:28:11

> Friends,
> The Rider continued, " In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God.All things were made by The Word of God.In Him was life and the light of men.
> I am The Logos of God. My Spirit can dwell in you and you can have the mind of God."
> Lou

Lou, You tell your story in themes that follow and even quote the New Testament, yet you also say somewhere you are Jewish. Who are you?

Bipolar spiritual cycle is like walking along a branch of a large tree. You walk to the end of the branch and instead of it breaking off, the branch keeps on growing as you walk, while at the same time becoming more and more fragile. You keep going until you feel you are in the "in-between" place. At some point you decide to leap from the branch into heaven, only instead of going up, you crash to the ground.

In a rather startling reality those around you start telling you about the delusionary ideas you have been talking about and they send you to a doctor for analysis. Then they send you to a Bishop to have your spirituality analyzed. All this time you think you are living in the world's greatest sphere and are enlightened with the world's greatest visionary ideas.

A course correction is like a step back in time. The vision is yours to keep, and the understanding your most precious gift, yet to admit you are suffering from a bipolar dillusion or that you need to go on medication, is such a blow. You then begin to doubt the validity of all of your ideas, and even wonder about your whole life to that point. It takes good and trusting friends to help rein in the horse and turn it around. It may not happen until medication brings the branch into perspective.

I used the analagy of the branch so you could visualize a large tree with one solitary branch extending out into nowhere.

Rather than travel out on one limb, I encourage you to focus more on balance. Think of the tree and what some of the other branches might represent. Perhaps you could try to focus on things like family, eating right, getting enough sleep, seeing your doctor, taking your medication, drinking less of unhealthy things and more water, taking a walk, looking at nature, finding a nice tree. There are many things you could use to occupy your mind. Do you have a favorite river or mountain or tree?

I hope Dr. Bob doesn't think I am putting you down or judging you. I appreciated your kind words to me, and in return I have tried to read some of your posts and respond in a positive way to you. Your contributions to this board will be accepted and appreciated when you can visualize the whole tree. Psycho Babble is like a large growing tree with lots of branches. But don't forget, if the branch doesn't feed the root with light, the root will not be able to feed the branches with nutrient. We want to make a strong tree here, with all the branches and roots strong.




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