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Re: just clarifying.... lou pilder

Posted by kiddo on July 4, 2002, at 0:17:07

In reply to Re: just clarifying.... SandraDee, posted by lou pilder on July 2, 2002, at 13:29:22

> SandrDee,
> I presume that your question is: Are the people that do not go on the 7 Gates on the Road to the Crown of Life "saved" or not?
> My answer is this:
> Case #1:Person travles the Road and recieves the Crown of Life. The Crown of Life is ETERNAL LIFE

CASE #1: Person travels the road and never accepts Christ as their Savior, giving their life to Him completely, they STILL won't receive the Crown of Life.

> CASE#2: Person does not travle the Road and knew good from evil. That person is judged by their lifetime works. If their lifetime works are works of rightiousness that EXCEEDS the rightiousness of the most rightious Rabbis that ever lived, then they will recieve Eternal Life. This requirers keeping the commandments from their youth without ever breaking one of them. These people do not need a Redeemer for they never broke God's laws.

CASE #2: From my understanding of the Bible, this is impossible, because the Bible says "there is none not righteous, no not one." Every man will be judged according to his works, not just the "Case #2" people.

> Case#3: People that did not have the chance to walk the Road because they found out about the Road on their deathbed and could not live an overcomming life. These people are of two types:
> TypeA: Never believed in God and just wanted to extend their lives anyway that they could so that they could just have another breath. They can not accept death. These people are not "saved"

CASE #3:

TYPE A: All those people have to do is ask God to forgive them, and they will be saved, regardless of whether they are on their deathbed or not.

> Type B: Believed that they have failed in their life to God and are extreamly sorry and know that they deserve hell. They have one last request before their last breath and that is that God will have mercy on them and actually pay their penalty for them . They want to be remembered in God's Kingdom and admit that they are guilty and do not deserve Eternal Life. God will reveal His plan of salvation to them and these people will be in Paradise.

TYPE B: Again, if ANYONE repents and is truly sorry for what they have done, asks God to forgive them, they will be forgiven and enter into Heaven as well.

> Case#4: There is no "second chance" after death. But there are people that never had a "first" chance. These are the people that can not know what good or evil are. These are the people that died before an accountable age of decernment. These are people that never had an experiance to bring them to the knowkege of God's plan. They do not recieve Eternal Life automatically, but are treated in a manner that I do not have the time or space to tell you about. But God is a God of justice and those people are treated with the same justice as the people that had a "first " chance.

Don't know where you are going with this one, but you are right, God is a just God, and each man judged accordingly.

> Case#5: The Chosen. These are the chosen by God. There are people that are chosen to be God's people. But these people have a higher standard in their lives to perform. They carry a greater obligation and actually enter into a covenant relationship with God. They acually become sons of God and servants of God. These people have a special mission and give up living a life that the rest of the people live. They sacrifice all for the Kingdom of God. Many of these regret that they were chosen and some commit suicide and many are murdered . God reveals His plan of salvation to them and they do recieve Eternal Life unless they rebel against God. The Devil, Satan, actually was in God's Kingdom and rebelled against Him. He will be cast into the Lake of Fire along with those that follow him for they never repented of their rebellion against God.

Where do you get THIS?!!???!?!?!?! Every person that gives their life to God, sacrifices all for the Kingdom of God and lives their life according to His plan.

> Case #6: People in rebellion to God and turn 180 degrees from rebellion against God to seeking God with all their heart. These people find God and God reveals His plan of salvation to them. Most of them go through a purging process that is tourterous. But people volunteer for this persecution for rightiousness sake. They accept the world's scorn. They are outcasts for the Kingdom of God and do not care what the world thinks of them. They seek to store up treasures in heaven and reject the world' ways. They carry with them their own acceptance of being executed for serving God. They recieve Eternal Life as long as they do not return to their evil ways and forsake God.

People in rebellion that have turned 180 degrees are only half as rebellious as they were before! However, those that turn 360 degrees have turned their lives around compmletely and serve God with all their hearts. Everyone 'volunteers' as you put it. Everyone accepts God willingly and freely, it's a choice that God has given man.

EVERYONE accepts Eternal Life that doesn't reject God, but accepts Him into their hearts and lives for Him.

> Case #6: These people know that they have really caused God grief by the way that they lived their life and are extreamly sorry and know that they deserve hell. They have no idea about the Road or anything else about God. But they cry out,"Lord have mercy upom me, a SINNER. Forgive me and I will forgive all others."
> These people are taken to the Road and recieve the Crown of Life.
> Lou

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