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Assertive action of the day

Posted by Partlycloudy on November 5, 2008, at 21:31:11

Today, I fired my dentist.
It's (of course!) a long story, and related to my having previous working experience in the industry, but pretty much I ended up these last couple of years as a patient in a practice where it was clear that the entire staff - from the front office through the hygienist up to the dentist himself - had it in their head that I "understood" how a dental practice ought to be run. (That's code for - keep the schedule full at any cost, even if it means inconveniencing your patients.) Now they all knew that I was no longer working a regular job - but I liked to schedule my regular appointments like any other paying patient, and expected to be treated like one.

Except that I never was. Each and every cleaning appointment was prefaced with no fewer than 3 calls from the practice, asking me to move my appointment around to better suit their schedule. Inevitably, they would have a cancellation, or someone wouldn't show up, and they would call me to see if I could come in to fill the gaping hole in their schedule. A year ago I spoke to the front office and asked them to make a note to please not reschedule my appointments (I actually keep a calendar and it doesn't suit my style to drop everything I'm doing to run down the street to get my teeth cleaned, like, NOW, instead of next week, when I was planning on it.) I'd complain when they'd call me about moving my appointments - "No, thanks," I'd say, with plenty of patience and heavy on the sarcasm, "I'll just keep the appointment I made 4 months ago, if that's OK."

I spoke to the hygienist about the problem. No result.

I spoke to the dentist about how MY time was just as valuable as HIS was. He agreed, Yup, it sure is! - and then my next appointment, I had the same routine happen.

So the other day they called me to confirm my appointment that's coming up in a couple of weeks. Oh, and guess what? They had an opening for this week if I could make it any sooner. Uhhh.... no.

Today I called to cancel the appointment altogether. The response? Could I come in tomorrow instead? (Argh.) Not exactly. I got a referral for a dentist for cowards (that would be me); made a new patient appointment for next week, and called the old annoying office back - and asked them to forward my most recent bitewing and fmx x-rays to my new dentist.

End of story. And this new dentist will never, ever know that I ever worked in a dental office, I swear!!!!




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