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An Eating Manifesto

Posted by HyperFocus on October 4, 2008, at 3:32:14

They're watching me - the thin people. They're laughing at me - the guys with their sixpacks and pecs and the girls with their perfect abs and perky breasts.

Did you hear about the new law? It's illegal to be fat. I can't go out like this. They'll stop me, pull me over, arrest me. I can't go anywhere. I got to exercise like a fiend; go on the banana-brussel sprouts-chick-peas diet. I have to be thin.


Here is the deal, listen:
95% of adults in the free world look exactly like you. There is no law about being overweight. Hell who would enforce the law - what does the average cop look like? Yeah man, I eat donuts and coffee for breakfast because I need energy for, you know, enforcing the goddamn law in this nation. How many crooks you want me to chase on just on a bran muffin?

We are the majority. People look like us. There is no thin clique to get in. This is what REAL PEOPLE look like. This majority of skinny toned people -who TV tells us we must join - it doesn't exist. I can't eat a grape for breakfast and spend three hours in the gym. I got sh*t to do, I got a job, I gotta grade papers, I got kids to raise. I need energy to get through my day and every hour is precious to me. I'm not seventeen - the biggest item on my daily agenda is not hanging out at the mall. I gotta work today, I gotta pick up my kids this afternoon then drive across town to put my foot up the *ss of the roof contractor who's trying to screw me. I'm a mom, a firefighter an engineer, I need food and I don't have time to make tofu surprise. I'm just like everybody else.

I can't spend hours in the gym toning my lateral pectoral lumbar whatever. So what? Lets see pick twenty people, line them up now what do they look like? Well crikey most of them look JUST LIKE ME!

Please, please do not tear yourself to bits over your weight. You look like what real people look like. Throw the TV and magazines in the trash (seriously.) Take your meds and get to where you need to be in your life, work out and lose weight to get in shape, avoid chronic disease or to run a marathon or play hockey, whatever. But don't feel you are in the minority with your weight. You're a real person just like everybody else.




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