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Posted by happee_place on June 17, 2008, at 0:25:14

In reply to Insurance denied request for treatment, posted by Racer on June 14, 2008, at 8:54:53


hi!! ive never posted here before but have read a lot and have been following up reading the updates on this thread. I have been to residential and remember girls i was there with, talking about the fights they had with the insurance and how discouraging and frusterating it was to actually get there. And then yet other girls who right in the middle of some hardcore, breakthrough getting to the bottom of some serious sh*t - get yanked from treatment because their insurance said "times up shes had enough" grrr makes me want to inflict an E.D. on them.

Having an E.D. is about inner turmoil so i understand how it wouldnt help at all that they are denying you. And it adds fuel to the fire in so many ways. I for one and im sure so many here am so proud of you for being so open and wanting to go!!! I encourage you to stick with trying to get help. E.D's are so complex by the time someone wants help its been so many years leading up to programing your mind that way that it takes years to undue. Treatement is good because it teaches you the tools to use in those years of undoing.

I know the one i wen to Remuda Ranch in Arizona is a very well known awesome treatment with some crazy percentage rate of success! And although its rediculously expensive the 2 nice things about it is they have scholorships for families in financial need and they have payment plans. So literally like a downpayment on a car or something (actually its more like 3 cars) you can make payments for the rest of your life if you have to. Point is they work with people. It is so expensive because its super ligit. Its 100% inpatient so there are dr's therapist, nutritionist and aray of counselors, nurses etc.. working 24 hours a day in the same home you are living. You should research it and if it seems unbearable i have resources to others. Sounds kind of crazy to spend so much to get help BUT think of it this way - everyone has debt somewhere be it student loans, homes, cars and thats not including the majority of america who have debt from credit cards etc... where they have nothing to show for it. If people are willing to be make a payment each month for these things that are all material certainly, hopefully you can see how beneficial a payment a month to give you your life back is so much more valuable, than equity 'and shiny toys. I personally am on the monthly for the rest of my life plan lol but ya know what i dont care because E.D's dont just go away. If it werent for me i would have had at least 3 full blown relapses by now. But the tools i learned there, just like a degree no one can take from me - its engraned in my mind, and i have never once regretted any part of it.

It would be better if the insurance paid for it which they should rat bastards (maybe someday this will change) but if they cant still pursue other alternatives. I promise even if you have to spend money you werent expecting to spend its worth every penny to give yourself a chance to really live and not painfully walk through the motions.

here is a hug((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))) dont give up sweety!!! YOU ARE SO WORTH IT




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