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Should I be concerned? regarding my weight?

Posted by Kath on April 6, 2008, at 18:49:28

I had posted this on Social - didn't realize there was an eating board. I should have posted it here!

I'm feeling somewhat uncomfortable about my eating situation.

I'm 5 feet 5 1/2 inches tall. Over the past couple of weeks I've gained about 3 pounds. I was down to about 112 pounds (even lower than when I got married 14 years ago - 113 at an all-time low). So I'm now about 115 pounds. My scale gives different readings, so I do 3 or 4 weigh-ins & take the most frequently shown number!

Today it's almost 5 pm & I had 1 small yogurt & a banana for breakfast. The early afternoon 1 piece of bread with a slice of cheese on it, & a cup of tea. Oh yes, and a half glass of juice. Some days I have only breakfast & supper.

Last week though, I was actually feeling hungry sometimes!! I always eat a good supper & a serving as big as my husband's.

So now, my one pair of cords is feeling snug. They're ones I bought fairly recently, so I shouldn't put too much importance on the fact that they're snug I guess.

I don't want to not be able to wear clothes I like. Before starting Celexa, in about 2000, I wanted to gain weight. On Celexa, I was really happy to gain to about 135 I think it was or maybe 137. Lots of summer stuff didn't fit me near the end though & I did NOT like that. Then when I stopped Celexa, about 2 years ago, I gradually lost weight again, but recently was 112 or 113 - way too low for 5 ft 5 1/2 inches.

I used to feel okay about eating during the day, but simply didn't get around to it. Lately the thought of eating breakfast has been yuk! So I've been trying to force myself to eat something for breakfast.

On Wed, Thurs & Fri, I actually was WANTING to eat between breakfast & lunch. That felt good & having gained a few pounds felt good.

Up until now I don't think I've had an eating disorder. But when I put my hands on my stomach yesterday & earlier today, I perceived myself - well, not myself, but my stomach & hips, as fat.

Which is silly, I now realize, as I thought OKAY -I'm doing a reality check - just went & measured myself & these are my measurements:

(I'm 'pear-shaped')

bust 31"
waist 27"
hips 35"

I used to be 33" 30" 39" so if I 'feel' fat at this weight, that is NOT accurate. However, there IS 'grabable' fat from my waist down!

This isn't a huge big deal, except that it seems to me that I 'should' gain more weight to be a good, healthy weight. But now, I don't want to! And it seems sort of ridiculous to be 'watching what I eat' at 115 pounds & 5'5" !!!

Any comments?





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