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thisn's a doozey! Gee

Posted by karen_kay on April 5, 2007, at 15:05:47

In reply to Re: 7 yr old, fe with attitude karen_kay, posted by Gee on April 5, 2007, at 14:19:12

bullying is a possibility, she's the teeniest tiniest child ever. i used to fidn her at pick up by looking for the smallest child out there. she has no problems making friends, and has a new one every day. however, she no longer goes to breakfast at school because i guess someone made fun of the way she eats (huh? i teach that child perfect table manners!!!). for the longest time, she wouldn't take a snack to school either, i'm assuming the same reason.

she has her quirks as well, i'm assuming the same reason. like pulling her pants WAY up (assuming the old 'i see london' song was sang to her?). we've tried to break her of this habit (as i'm assuming this has to be painful, walking around all day with pants up to the neck, but she won't back down on this one either. we've tried by showing how mommy, sissy and aunt kk wear their pants at their belly buttons and below, but to no avail, they still go back up to her chin.....

she's a very clever girl (much like her aunt kk :) she even looks like me, gosh, if i email you, i'll send pics, she's got the dark hair and eyes, and i was even the smallest in school too... now, how does a post about my niece turn into one about me?) anyway, about her grades, she's very very clever. and smart. she's old enough to get an allowance and responsible enough to clean not only her room, but the whole upstairs region, such as her nd her sister's play room. but, her grades are slipping, so perhaps bullying is something to look into.

her mother mentioned talking to her teacher about her grades, but apparently even though the school is suppposed to have a very strict bullying policy (a boy smacked her on the bottom in good fun and she smacked him back, both got a pink slip), sometimes things do slide through the cracks.

we did used to make a list of things she had to do in the mornings (1. eat breakfast 2. brush teeth ect) and she enjoyed the freedom she had with that, instead of me bossing ehr around and hurrying her. not sure why we neglected that, could have been when i became 'crazy' (or manic as other people like to call it) that last time. can't remember when it was, maybe feb, perhaps jan? could have been last week, hell i don't remember.

but, i do like the idea of 2 choices of clothes for her. my sister was considering letting her choose her outfit altogether and i was thinking that could be a bit overwhelming for her.

also like the idea about dinner as well. perhaps if she's more involved with picking out what's she's eating, she'll be more likely to eat it.

wowsa, you're pretty good at this! almost too good..... watch out now, i might ask you to marry me (and to help watch kids...) also, now i'll be posting to you about every single kid question i have to :) lucky you!!!!

oh, and the reward thing... i do feel i praise all the children when they do a good job. i tell her every morning that she does such a good job getting herself ready for school, i've taught them to cleean their plates (well, scrape them in the trash) and put them in the sink and then always say 'yahooo!!!! great job girls!!!!' i always try to reinforce the good stuff rather than the bad, but today i did get some pretty meaen looks (even after i got up extra early to make hot cocoa since it was cold) darn it, aunt kk has feelings too :(

but, i'm pretty bad at keeping up with star reward systems and such. instead, i try to reward with money (is that really so bad?). is there a way to incorporate the allowance with getting ready in the mornings? (she really loves going on her 'special day' with mr and mrs kk, shopping and gettign special treats... or do you think that's a bad idea? for some reason, she really does love that money adn the time alone, without her sister. funny too, she always shares her buys with her sister. didn't i tell you, she's a whole lot like me?

thanks again for the wonderful ideas!




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