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Re: Question! Niacinimide + Vit C starting dose?

Posted by Christ_empowered on September 14, 2016, at 11:00:17

In reply to Re: Question! Niacinimide + Vit C starting dose?, posted by Escapee on September 13, 2016, at 11:53:33

hi. I seem to recall reading that tolerance for vitamin C can vary wildly, especially with unbuffered, powder forms.

I take time release tableets in 2 daily doses, AM and PM. For me, 6 grams--3 AM, 3 PM--was a good place to start. I think with powders and instant release tablets you dose 4x daily or something. Maybe try 1 gram 3-4x daily and go up from there?

I try to take my B-vitamins after a meal. Right now, I'm using instant release B-100, so its important to have food to buffer it...otherwise, I vomit (no, really).

vitamin C can be hard on your stomach. I guess start low and go up slowly...too much can have laxative and diuretic effects, so...that's not fun.

I seem to recall reading that vitamin C helps with proper absorption of minerals and some other antioxidants. I could be wrong.

If you do the B3 3x daily, then maybe just try to take at least as much C as B3 per dose (?). Again, I use time release, so I'm just guessing based on what OM material I've read in the past.

There is the "bowel tolerance" just keep taking C until...bowel tolerance...then you reduce to (I think) 75% of that dose. The interesting thing about bowel tolerance is that it sometimes can indicate how (un)healthy you are...very sick people can take 10s of grams, healthy people usually far, far less.

I don't know about effects on meds. I take a lil cocktail, and I haven't experienced any problems. B3 can potentiate BZDs and some other anticonvulsants, but I think that's because of its effect on GABA receptors, not because of any effect on drug metabolism. The OM people say that high doses of C can augment neuroleptics and reduce adverse effects. Personally, I do feel calmer, more lucid on 20grams C per day than I was on 0 supplemental C, or even on lower doses of C.

OK. I think that's all I have for you. Please keep us all posted.




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