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Re: Niacinamide for SA + Depression

Posted by Christ_empowered on September 6, 2016, at 17:26:35

In reply to Re: Niacinamide for SA + Depression Christ_empowered, posted by Escapee on September 6, 2016, at 11:28:25

hi. me again.

I think niacinamide potentiates BZD tranquilizers and some anticonvulsants because of its actions at GABA receptors. Niacinamide can help ease people off of BZD drugs during tapers.

Vitamin C is an awesome nutrient. I take 2 doses of 10 grams each, time release tablet form. I think the large Vitamin C doses also help reduce anxiety and agitation for me. From what I understand...high dose vitamin C works on dopamine receptors and can make AP/AAP drugs work better (important for me), while niacinamide works at GABA receptors and does something beneficial with serotonin, tryptophan, melatonin levels, etc. Sooo...for me, the high dose C potentiates the neuroleptic (for me, Abilify) while the B3 is acting sort of like a BZD would (but w/o adverse effects), plus it probably potentiates my lamictal and/or Trileptal.

The problem with vitamin C, especially instant release, is keeping a steady flow going and getting adjusted to higher doses. I imagine the orthomolecular people have info online about how to ramp up your dosage gradually and avoid adverse effects (mostly gastrointestinal). I use 2 doses of time release to get a more or less steady stream of C going with 2 doses, instead of 4+ with instant release or powders.

Personally...I'd start the C and B3 together. The Hoffer stuff I read said that the combo reduces the risk of liver enzyme elevation, jaundice, etc., plus its...good for you, it seems. I'd recommend you throw in a b-50 or b-100, too, but that's me. The Orthomolecular people think that if you high dose your B3, you should probably supplement your other B complex vitamins, as well.

Since I"m on a neuroleptic, I also take high dose natural form E with mixed tocopherols (1,000 IU per day, with a high fat meal). This is important for those of us on the AP/AAP drugs to reduce the risk of TD. Anybody can benefit from E, though, so maybe consider adding that, too (?).

I don't take the B3 as needed. When I do take more than I usually do, I experience a calming effect. My wild *ss guess is that the extra B3 works because I've been on the baseline dosage B3 for so long. I don't think it would work if I only took the B3 PRN.




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