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Re: CES _Alpha Stim, Fisher Wallace, Sota Bio Tuner

Posted by jackiehawaii on July 4, 2013, at 18:57:30

In reply to Re: CES _Alpha Stim, Fisher Wallace, Sota Bio Tuner, posted by Tomatheus on July 4, 2013, at 18:17:34

Hi Tomatheus,

> I'm curious as to which of your symptoms the >>devices seemed to help the most with. Would you >>say that the devices helped more with your >>anxiety or more with your depression?

BOTH. I was ready to up dosage on med's. Now I am ready to start reducing med's. I was at a point of total fatigue. Did not want to wake up and do anything. Then when taking med's, it was a combo of wired and tired, not of well being. After 20 years of med's, they were catching up with me. I needed more, but did not want to take more.

>>I've thought about using some of the devices >>>that you've mentioned here in the past, but >>some reviews from those who had used the Fisher >>>Wallace device seemed to indicate that it >>wouldn't likely be helpful for someone with >>>fatigue and hypersomnia.

It is impossible to known until you try which unit will work on you. Maybe none. It can be like Xanax and Klonopin. What works for one does not work for another. I know some that love Fisher Wallace and the Bio Tuner. For me, the brain trigger was the .5HZ setting on the Alpha Stim.

There are several other machines out there. Like the CES Ultra and the Oasis. I do believe in the 3 units I have tried, I have covered most of the bases. But you never know until you try. I think the Oasis has .5HZ too. The CES Ultra is 100HZ which I know does not work on me. But in the battery compartment, they have a switch that is .35HZ, even less than the Alpha's .5HZ. I am curious about Oasis and the CES Ultra too.

Most of these companies have a trial period and it can be costly. But for is better than a pill.

I would not listen to anyone that says one is better than the other. For instance, if you try the Fisher and don't like it, don't think the Alpha or Bio Tuner won't work. They might.

There are also naysayers out there that say you will cause permanent brain damage. No one has been injured by low microamp CES units. They work off max. 9 volt batteries or less for gosh sakes.

Then there are naysayers that say it's a placebo or voodoo. I know 100% for sure it is not on me. I can feel it kick in within seconds. Plus....they use CES on dogs, cats, and horses with good luck.

Hope all this helps some. I have a Bio Tuner to sell if you want to try a used/new one. It does not have the .5HZ that my brain seems to need like the Alpha. I would not have known that unless I tried all 3 first.

I hope you find what you need in this. If I can be of help please ask away. I think I am the first to side by side compare these 3 units. I read other reviews and they seem like they are biases and probably coming from one of the manufacturers.

I can also get more detailed if needed in my comparisons about what each unit does if needed.
For instance, some love the Bio Tuner because it is twice the amps of the Alpha. Some can't feel the Alpha so they think it does nothing. Not true for me. The Fisher unit was a hassle for me. You have to wet some sponges, and stick under a head band with water dripping down your face. That kind of got old. The ear clip way was easier on me like all the other units have. I could feel the Fisher kick in with calm, but not as much for instance as the .5HZ setting on the Alpha. I could keep going on and on with these comparisons, but it all gets subjective when it comes to how the machine looks, its features, and how it is used. The bottom line does it work? The Alpha is the ugliest, most cheap looking, not so great ear clip input jack, etc.. But for me it works. I also bought the older model Alpha 100. They have a new one now that looks better. But I heard it eats more batteries.
I also know that as ugly and cheap looking the old Alpha's are..... they last forever if you take care of them.

They all should take a lesson in how the Bio Tuner is built. Well thought out.




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