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Do Curcumin and Inositol interact negatively?

Posted by mogger on November 4, 2011, at 18:23:22

Hi there,

I have started taking curcumin (highly absorbed version) and saw an article on pubmed that explains that they interact in a certain way. I take inositol for my ocd and don't want to screw around with it as it is so beneficial for me so I was wondering if anyone might be able to decipher the pubmed article I cut and paste below! many thanks,


"Curcumin: a new cell-permeant inhibitor of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor.
Dyer JL, Khan SZ, Bilmen JG, Hawtin SR, Wheatley M, Javed MU, Michelangeli F.
SourceSchool of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, UK.

Curcumin (diferuoylmethane or 1,7-bis (4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenol)-1,6-hepatadiene-3,5-dione) is the active ingredient of the spice turmeric. Curcumin has been shown to have a number of pharmacological and therapeutic uses. This study shows that curcumin is a potent inhibitor of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-sensitive Ca2+ channel (InsP3 receptor). In porcine cerebellar microsomes, the extent of InsP3-induced Ca2+ release (IICR) is almost completely inhibited by 50 microM curcumin (IC50 = 10 microM). As the extent of IICR cannot be restored back to control levels by the addition of excess InsP3 and since it has little effect on [3H]InsP3 binding to cerebellar microsomes, this inhibition is likely to be non-competitive in nature. IICR in cerebellar microsomes is biphasic consisting of a fast and slow component. The rate constants for the two components are both reduced by curcumin to similar extents (by about 70% of control values at 40 microM curcumin). In addition, curcumin also reduces agonist (ATP)-stimulated Ca2+ mobilization from intact HL-60 cells, indicating that curcumin is cell permeant. However, since it also affects intracellular Ca2+ pumps and possibly ryanodine receptors, it may lead to complex Ca2+ transient responses within cells, which may well explain some of its putative therapeutic properties."




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