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Re: Zinc for Depression torrid

Posted by larryhoover on June 15, 2011, at 10:34:25

In reply to Re: Zinc for Depression larryhoover, posted by torrid on June 15, 2011, at 9:03:18

> larry, I cut zinc down, I've been supplimenting zinc and selium for about 2-3 months for hair loss from AD. I knew about copper but didn't know about iron. I guess they compete for absorbtion and zinc wins. I started busbar and cymbalta soon after I started the zinc and had side effects could be zinc related as easily as busbar. Could zinc wipe out hemoglobin in a 2-3 months? Next month I'll get doc to take my blood, meen while I'll get vitimin C. I've ignored vitimin C and when I took a look at my fridge there is not a lot of vitimin C in there. I cook on cast iron and can't imagine I'd need to suppliment iron.

No, you probably don't need an iron supp, but the best measure of that is a routine blood test. You don't reveal how much selenium you've been taking, nor how much zinc. On a maintenance schedule, I would not recommend taking over 200 mcg/day selenium, and 40 mg/day zinc. You should always use a selenium yeast product, as most of the selenium will already be incorporated into methionine (selenomethionine cannot be synthesized by humans, and it is the dominant selenium compound in most yeast-based products.....avoid one mentioning selenite and/or selenate as the major selenium compounds).

BTW, selenomethionine may be protective against mercury exposure, binding the mercury irreversibly, and detoxifying it. Selenomethionine may also help protect against the oxidant peroxynitrite, which has been implicated in creating the fatigue and brain fog associated with fibromyalgia. The dominant dietary source of selenomethionine is wheat, but those avoiding gluten will not obtain that benefit. Moreover, soils in Europe and Australia are deficient in selenium, so wheat locally sourced will not provide sufficient selenium in those areas of the world.

Geez, I can go off on tangents, eh?

Getting back to zinc suppressing uptake of other minerals....

Picture a small train, with a crowded platform. Copper ions move slowly. Iron ions are intermediate. And zinc is pushy. When the train doors open, and if there's a lot of zinc around, it will push through the doors out of proportion to the number of atoms waiting to board the car. Some copper and iron atoms will always make it, but their success rate will fall inversely to the amount of zinc waiting to board the transport.

What I'm saying is that there is no bright line between doses of zinc supplements and their effects on uptake of other minerals. It gradually changes as the zinc dose goes up, and your transporters might have different sensitivities than someone elses. The doses I've provided are derived from statistics, but that's the best information that's out there.





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