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Re: High potentcy vites for Schizophrenia

Posted by Lao Tzu on March 12, 2011, at 14:28:07

In reply to Re: High potentcy vites for Schizophrenia, posted by Christ_empowered on March 9, 2011, at 11:21:05

Yes, my thoughts exactly. Certain vitamins need to be administered if you smoke, and despite the toxicity the vitamins still work. Lately, I can't figure out whether I fit into the supplement categories of either Pyroluria or Histadelia because I take supplements from each category. I'm thinking that I lean more towards Pyroluria since zinc, B6, and manganese are helpful. Yet I also benefit from other supplements not in the Pyroluria category strictly. I think Carl Pfeiffer meant well when he formulated the three biotypes, but he didn't figure that some people would fit into more than one category. Are you aware of the three biotypes? Overmethylation, Undermethylation, and Pyroluria? I think there is another category just for High Copper.

Glad to hear you are doing well. I concur that medication plus high dose vitamins is the way to go for my schizophrenia. I can't speak for everybody since there is a broad spectrum for mental illness. There was a time for me where the medication alone was helping me. I didn't take vitamins years ago because I just didn't research the science behind it. I only started researching vitamin therapy later on close to my psychotic episode, and then really delved into it after I started the medical treatment. Long before the psychosis, I was just being treated for depression and anxiety, so I felt the meds I was on at the time were sufficient. I didn't realize then how important basic nutrients are to one's well-being. Is it possible that if I had taken the fish oil, taken the antioxidants and the B vitamins back then, would I have avoided the psychosis? I can't know for sure. I guess I was grossly uninformed back then. I didn't know squat about vitamins, and I guess I didn't care. The doctors didn't tell me to use vitamin therapy back then, and I wonder if they put much stock into it at all. Probably not. My psychiatrist feels there's no need to take extra vitamins if your diet is good, but my diet is not the best, and I do swear by the vitamins. He doesn't listen. He just says, "whatever works for you," and leaves it at that.
Have you been taking vitamins with your medication ever since you were first diagnosed? I guess I was stupid about vitamins in the beginning, but perhaps you have thwarted a more severe form of illness by using both approaches together?? What does your doctor say about using vitamins with medication? Does he or she give it any credence?





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