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Re: Don't Underestimate the Cause of Our Condition

Posted by bleauberry on October 11, 2007, at 21:56:56

In reply to Re: Don't Underestimate the Cause of Our Condition, posted by alan2102 on October 11, 2007, at 14:26:37

> > Can you talk about chelation, and what is
> > successful or safe chelation? I know nothing
> > about this.
> Big subject.
> For lead, consider oral EDTA (google for
> phrase).
> For mercury, glutathione precursors; big
> subject, but in brief: thiamine, B12,
> MSM sulfur, taurine, ascorbic acid, and
> more.

No. For lead, DMSA is far more effective.

And no, wrong on all accounts for the supplements. Most of them are sulfury. That stirs up mercury but doesn't excrete well. Cystein in the blood must be lab measured before messing with glutathione. Serious risks otherwise. The last thing a toxic person wants to do is stir up the mercury and have it redistribute to other places in the body. None of those supplements are powerful enough to escort the mercury straight to the kidneys or liver. A lot will be lost along the way and god knows where it will end up.

For some only slightly toxic, or for someone who is healthy and wants to beef up their natural toxic excretion, those supplements are good. But with someone where the amount of their toxicity is high, or unsure, very risky stuff.

No method is safe. But of them all, the one that is most effective and extremely safe is DMSA 12.5mg to 50mg every four hours around the clock for a few days, with an equal amount of days off, in repeating rounds. After 2 to 3 months when body mercury is reduced, then add alpha lipoic acid at 6mg to 50mg with the DMSA and change the dosing schedule to every 3 hours around the clock. That includes waking up at night for your dose. The reason is to follow the halflives of the drugs and prevent restribution of the mercury that they have picked up. A steady blood level of the drugs is crucial for safety.

None of those supplements pull mercury out of the brain. They are not chelators, scientifically. Do not put your health in the hands of some fantastically written theory on some website that looks to be the most credible thing you ever saw. I admit they are really really good at that.

DMSA removes lead and mercury from the body but not the brain. ALA removes it from the brain. None of those supplements mentioned are chelators, in the terms of treating a toxic patient. Good for general health protection against a toxic world, yes, unless you are already toxic. Then, bad idea.

Vitamin C. Excellent. It is not a chelator though. But it can signifantly reduce the symptoms of toxicity, though not toxicity itself, and any side effects of chelation. It will help you feel better but that's as far as it goes with C.

Too much internet nonsense out there that really hurts people.

Sorry I gave the wrong info on backfire sites. There are actually several. One is Find others by typing "backfire chelation", or "backfire cilantro", and so on, in a google search. Or, type in "chelation forum", "mercury forum", "dmsa forum", and so on. See what real patients have to say.




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