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L-glutamine helped me with anxiety!

Posted by mmb on October 15, 2004, at 17:30:51

After reading stories on this board and trying different medication I can now tell you how things turned out good from an unexpected source. For several years I have been suffering from severe stress and all symptoms related to it. To name just a few: anxiety, depression, fear of future, panic attacks, feeling tired, sleepy during the day, at night I could not fall asleep without benzos, tremor, feeling irritated all the time etc. I can not even remember all the symptoms. I tried all kind of benzos, Zoloft (for 9 months), all kind of alternative stuff (5-HTP, St. Johns worth, Adapton, inositol...) some of which helped (5-HTP, inositol) some did not. In my desperation I started to try and mix everything, especially these alternative stuff. At the same time I surfed the Internet trying to find more information because I was convinced my problems were related to unbalanced chemistry in the brain (due to severe trauma I went through several years earlier). Then one day I bought L-glutamine without much expectation since I have been dissapointed so many times with different supplements. And I was dissapointed. Nothing really happened. Two weeks later I come across an article about amino acids and especially L-glutamine on how it can boost GABA in the brain. I went out to another shop and bought 90 capsules of 500 mg L-glutamine of another brand. I took 2 capsules (1 g) at about 9 pm and for the first time in my life in last 8 years I felt myself. I then added small dosage of benzo and I felt even better. I fell asleep like a baby. Tomorrow when I woke up I still felt anxiety (which is a trademark of my mornings) but I was happy that I slept so good. Then I took 1g again in the morning and 1g in the evening and I continued to feel fine. Now, after three months I can tell you that this stuff works (at least on me). I feel great energy during the day (no more naps in the afternoon), anxiety is GREATLY reduced, I am not affraid of future nor social life. I sleep very good and only sometimes I have to add small dosage of benzo in the night just to feel really good. I also added Amin acid mix during the day and it just helped. I wean off Zoloft without problems while on glutamine and stopped taking it after 2 days. My daily regime has changed from every capsule in the drugstore to the following:
Multivitamine tablet dissolved in water - 100% RDA of all vitamins and minerals
300 mg Magnesium + B1, B12, B6 - capsule dissolved in water
1g L-glutamine (on empty stomach)

Amino acid mix - 1 tablet all aminoacids
Multivitamine tablet dissolved in water - 100% RDA of all vitamins and minerals
B vitamin complex - 1 capsule
Ginkgo biloba - 1 capsule

At night
1g L-glutamine (on empty stomach)
300 mg Magnesium + B1, B12, B6 - capsule dissolved in water

So far so good. It works. I also take taurine sometimes (it is great supplement, really helps to calm your mind), but only when needed. Did not try L-tyrosin or l-phenylalanine, did not have to.

A couple of suggestions to those who want to try alternatives: There are a lot of articles on the Internet about how amino acids change and balance brain chemistry. Do not believe in everything - I have found articles from very reliable sources (Phd's in USA) who even offer therapy with amino aicds for anxieta, depression etc.

Try different brands. I get my L-glutamine from shop for body builders and it seems to be very potent. The other brand that i tried first did nothing.

Watch out for placebo effect. That's what happened to me with Taurine. I expected too much from it after reading on how good it is. Then, when I took it first day I felt worse and stopped taking it. One week later I was working on something, then by mistake took 1 capsule of taurine and forgot about it. After one hour I felt much better. The more you think about it the less the effect or bigger placebo effect.

Stay persistent. Most mental problems are really caused by unbalanced chemistry in the brain. Do your own research, find out how transmitters work (I could write a book about it after all the reading), how SSRI work, how vitamines work, how your body depletes nutritients under sressful situations. YOU CAN GET OVER IT. JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Sorry for being too long but i hope i can help people with mental problems. I was one of them.





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