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Posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2021, at 13:21:06

In reply to RSV, posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2021, at 13:09:58

I wonder if it goes like this...

'We promise to spend 1 billion dollars on mental health'.
They give a few million dollars to some administrators...
Those administrators share it amongst themselves. That is a few 1/2 million dollars per year salaries.
The government says 'we don't know where all the money went'.
But that's where it went.
You could kind of think of it as hush money...
A few 1/2 million dollar salaries per year to people who find a way to fudge the fact that it was only ever a few million dollars and it was never 1 billion dollars.

I think that is most likely it.

I imagine it is possible that Bloomfield doesn't really get 1/2 a million per year, either. I imagine it's possible that it's some kind of hush money to artificially inflate all other kinds of numbers.

I suppose the water-care people get paid so much because it is hush money, again.
They take sort of up to 1 million dollars for themselves to pretend that they got however many billions for infrastructure work or whatever...
When really they didn't. They got 1 million dollars for themselves to pretend...

That makes more sense of what they said about why Kathy whats-her-face got paid so redicuoulsly much to work on the Southern District HealthBoard.

She was supposed to be appointed to go in there and figure out what was going on with the fact that the money supposedly from the Government wasn't getting spent on anything to do with hospital maintenence or staffing or... Anything. That anybody could see.

And apparently she got paid so very very very very very very much because she was required to, effectively, go in there and nark on her colleagues. Nark about where the money was going and what was going wrong in the Southern DHB. And apparently narking on her collegues in management or administration would be a career ender for her. Her reputation would be ruined. She would never find or get work as a managing administrator ever again. ANd this was supposed to justify her rediculous salary. Because it was only supposed to be temporary. Short term. Then she promised never to work again. To retire early. To be gone.

But SHE IS STILL THERE. She is on MORE MONEY THAN SHE WAS ON BEFORE. And how many hundreds of managers or administrators are similarly on ridiculous salaries...

I think the best sense...

Is that the Government paid her up to 1 million per year to pretend that it was about corruption in the local administration (which it was). But the nature of the corruption was that the central government was paying them so much as hush money. Paying them off for the fact that there wasn't any money for anything else. In the sense of the money they were promised in the budget never was paid. They weren't wrong when they cried they didn't get enough money from central government. But they kept taking the hush money... They kept taking it... They kept taking it... They kept taking it...

Don't know. Don't quite know.


I'm trying to figure out why they want to pay GP's lots of money to administrate money in ways that are beyond accountability to ensure that councellors are not paid.





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