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Posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2021, at 13:09:58

In reply to Re: business with slavers, posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2021, at 12:59:18

Apparently we are having a lot of Respiratory Syncytial Virus in infants this year because they weren't exposed to it last year (so haven't developed any kind of immunity) so we are getting a couple years worth of infants all at once.


I don't suppose we would know whether it was RSV or whether it was Covid because we aren't doing saliva testing.

I don't suppose it matters, anyway, right? Because the treatment is all the same? All immunisations are just the same as each other and about that source of antibodies for the RSV vaccine...



Apparently there were two groups who put in tenders or whatever you call it for Saliva Testing for Covid. One was accredited (whatever accreditation there is I don't know) and the other was not. The non-accredited got the contract.

But then only around 34 tests have been done subsequently.

I don't understand why the government didn't go 'well, why don't we give them 1/2 the contract each. Let them both do it. Then if there are problems that one of them are having... Maybe the can learn a bit from the other one. You know... A sort of background or backdrop of co-operativity for the greater good and a bit of friendly rivalry to spur them to be the 'best' (in some respect or other).

Especially considering that saliva testing (or fluid sample testing) can be used more widely. To develop tests for other viruses. Like RSV. Herpes. The cancer causing strains of that. For less invasive testing (ooooh but we all know how they like to watch the teeangers finger poking the patients who have been anesthetised for unrelated procedures -- right? right? right???).

Apparently there was some kind of a problem with the nasal swabbing people wanting ALL the work. So pressure for that. Maybe to pay off the PCR machines or whatever.

Why would the government diversify when they can just give ALL the money to ashley bloomfield. Seems legit.




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