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Re: business with slavers

Posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2021, at 12:59:18

In reply to business with slavers, posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2021, at 12:42:48

apparently they are taking it to the court of appeal. that bloomfield ordered a lockdown of the entire country (which violated the rights of the people as written in the bill of rights) in a manner that unlawful.

and while new zealand had quite a bit of time to see the need for a lock-down coming... given what was happening other places around the world... how community transmission was (despite everyones best hopes -- allegedly) really really really taking hold. the sit back and wait and hope for the best strategy was not working...

and wuhan figured it out. and the people went into lockdown. and the western world was incredulous about the human rights abuses happening in china. and then it wasn't so very long after that bodies were piling up in the streets of new york. and then the unthinkable happened. new york went into lockdown. reluctantly. this is the usa. the freeest county in the world (with respect to laws etc to protect the freedoms of the people)... went into lockdown. because of the bodies. bodies. bodies. piling up in the streets.

and then other places too. lockdown.

so new zealand had more time to prepare. more time to prepare than wuhan. than new york. than washington. than boston. than connecticut. than rhode island. more time than various other places around the world... england... europe.. more time. more time. more time. because of relative geographic isolation. more time than australia. more time. more time more time more time. the most of the time of all.

and our bill of rights... our protections for human rights... are less well developed than anywhere else... anywhere else at all

(i don't know enough about China to know who is denying what is going on with the slavery and detention camp etc etc thing and -- who in China is advocating or advancing for the rights of those people within China. I mean.. Trying to rid China of slavery and being exploited by the West who keeps accepting these cheap goods... Is that the work of China trying to improve things for it's people or... Is that the developed Western world trying to force China to develop? What seems most plausible? What seems most plausible, really???)

anyway... so the least well developed nation... With all the time in the world...

Can't arrange to take the 1 day it would have taken (apparently) to change the law: BEFORE ordering the lockdown.

Didn't see it coming.

No. knew that he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted becuase he wanted with impunity. that makes the most sense, really.

The NZ people were so sick and exhausted of their slavery-work that they were about to drop dead of exhaustion anyway. People didn'dt need a great deal of encouragement to not go to work during that first lock-down. I remember the news articles at the time.... Employers (CEOs and the like) couldn't understand why they apparently had these amazing buildings etc for their worker-slaves but their worker-slaves weren't properly apprecitive..

The worker-slaves were disgusting. Doing things like eating their lunch on toilet stalls adn smearing faeces on the walls.

The CEO's couldn't even visit their worker-slaves in their cubicles. Or use the same bathroom as them. Ugh. Ugh. Stupid nasty filthy children worker-slaves.

In the supposedly desirable corporate offices.


Was where things were at. Immediately prior to lockdown.




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