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business with slavers

Posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2021, at 12:42:48

so england etc have introduced laws against modern slavery whereby people are accountable for eliminating slavery from their supply chains.

it's a problem for new zealand because our whole plan for development was for us to make ever increasing use of slavery. we thought that we could force people (maybe international 'studnets') to slave our plantations over summer etc etc.

jacinda ardern is going to have a chat to the slavers, apparently. to figure out what new zealand can do to prevent and delay and obstruct and reassure them that everything is going to be okay and make new zealand the most desirable the best-est place in the whole wide world in which to traffic in slaves.


so... we still don't have saliva testing.

our front line workers keep getting threatened with 'comply with our directive or you will be fired'.

and being fired... well it's about starving them out, you see.

they quite like to stab them up the nose with the stabby sticks. it'll be the managers. or the managers of the managers. they'll say their stupid children workers won't / can't refrain from eating or smoking so the saliva tests aren't right for them.

but really the issue is that they like abusing them. they like going in for the most invasive. the like the fact that there is scaremongering about them being fired if they won't comply about them starving if they won't comply.

that's just the kiwi way. that's just how we do business.


i don't think any other country started testing children for Covid until AFTER the less invasive saliva tests had been rolled out.

new zealand was all 'you can't proooooooooove that saliva tests are as reliable as the super invasive tests' so they set about strongly encouraging an entire high school of studnets to be nasal swabbed. the compliance was bullying, basically. people weren't really given the option of simply self isolating for 2 weeks quarantine instead of getting the nasal swab. or if they were that was accompanied by much social pressure where leaders say they aren't pulling their weight etc. trying to get the herd against them.

people dropped out of high school over it.


i mean... once you start suing the government for all their violations... you'd never stop.

the entire administration...

just infraction after infraction after infraction after infraction 'and what are you going to do about it' scream the dementors that they are.

jacinda ardern is turning into john key. what happens near the end of their second term.

there is no alternative.

the national party constantly imploding.

it was disturbing to the people to see the way in which the party turned against muller, i reckon. then blamed him for having mental health issues (like that justified their nastyness). the new zealand people don't want a leader who crushes her friends. not friends, clearly. no... working together. not in the national party. simon bridges thrown under a bus, too, instead of being supported.

andrew little...

it's time for jacinda to step aside. if labor does win. she should really step aside now.

he's a good alternative. it seems. in a best of a bad lot sort of a way.


apparently by the end of the year new zealand will be ready to pronounce that genocide is wrong. or that there is evidence of genocide in china. that the evidence that is coming out of china is consistent with genocide. that new zealand doesn't support that (isn't profiteering from it).

but not on jacinda's watch, apparently. jacinda denies it.

and about the organ trafficking...

apparently the government no longer has a blank cheque book for cancer kids. i think they were sourcing human antibodies and stem cells etc etc from India where it wasn't obvious that they were obtained by people who did not give informed consent for them to be taken from them.

especially once ventilators became more widely available. you could put your Covid patients in ventilators to immobile them and then collect up their blood and purify it to get antibodies for market. right? that's how we do? that's how we would do if we had more technology and science in nz. that's why it isn't allowed to develop. the use to which we would put it. we know because we know what we do with the little bits and pieces that we have got.

we just won't do informed consent. our leaders refuse to listen to to the people and to allow their messages to have any kind of personal power. it is all about listening to what the people need only to use that against them. do a needs assessment and then you know what it is you are intentionally withholding from them. that's the ticket. that's the plan. to profit yourself from their expense and their opporession. that's the plan. that's the goal. that's the aim. that's the explanation that makes the best sense of how it is that we do so repeatedly and reliably worse than chance.




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