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it likely isn't good my posting here

Posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 16:09:03

but i'm stuck, you see.

isolated and excluded by the mob.

'don't worry about her -- she'll be alright. she can sit in the corner over there while we do this and we do that and we do the next thing'

the people who were good at keeping their heads down and blending in with the mob...

i suppose different contexts have a different mighty leader with gunner power pick out a different champion to lead the group. but everybody elses job is to make that leader look good or the gunner will gun you down.

that's the whole focus / meaning of life. right there.

if one is good enough at that policicking then one can eventually become prime minister or whatever.

i don't know. minister of finance or whatever.

people will give you titles and money money money for all the hard work that you do... that they say that you do... so the gunners don't gun them down...

if you look at how things are with leadership in tonga or samoa or other pacific islands it helps place nz in context. nz likes to look at those nations and think it's very well developed. but the aspects of elements of idolatry, almost, of the leaders. the prohibition on critique. there are clear hang-overs of that, here.

i believed that i had freedom of speech in university. its in our legislation. only, of course, it isn't in our legislation. do whatever you want mob, is in our legislation. freedom if speech is the unlimited freedoms given to the university to censor anything they like in the name of freedom.

the dean says she didn't want to send my thesis to examiners because she didn't like what i said in teh acknowledgements section.

(i pointed out that the university council didn't think my project worth funding).

the university became quite committed to my being an idiot woman child who must be failed.

because they did not like what i had to say.

abuot how they lack something...


we don't have justice... we only have vindication of mob rule.

the courts are a vindicatio of mob rule. and that will be... thousands of dollars from you to hear us say that.

that seems to be the thing.

i didn' tmention recovery of costs.

justice is supposed to be accessible to the people.

what you going to do about it?


they don't understand the relationship between

'what you going to do about it?'


and them being required to cry cry cry for handouts...
cry cry cry for vaccines...

and so on.




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