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Re: i don't really know what is going on, but... ert

Posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 5:17:45

In reply to Re: i don't really know what is going on, but..., posted by ert on December 6, 2020, at 6:26:02

> Why dont you ask the experts if you could improve your thesis with them together, Alex ?

they recorded on my transcript that i failed it because, apparently, the university can decide that independnetly of reports of external examiners and they decided that i failed to meet the standard they required of me.

the standard they required of me was for me to take more than the normal or usual time to complete the qualification. they wanted me to complete the qualification under part time status only.

nz has this thing of branding or marking or whatever me as not being capable of working or studying full time.

i have no desire to spend 3 years explaining to them the content of 1 years work. and so on.

they don't pay me. they expect me to pay them. and pay them some more. and pay them some more. and keep paying them... because i'm incapable of doing my work (they want everyone to believe).

the government gives them lots of money to babysit incompetent stupid slow me. intellectually handicapped me. mentally ill me. you get the idea.

it's very convenient (also lucrative) for them.

you know, if you don't mind having a university with no research output, to speak of.

> It is up to you what you make with your great talents. Too bad that it isnt appreciated so far.

nz has always been a mob when it came to me.

> There is nothing here in the Southwest except dust. The guns wont ever rust here. It must be amazing to have as much rain as you have. For me it sounds like a paradise in New Zealand.

something about the grass being greener...

> And the premier Ardern seems to be an emphatic person. I watched Ardern on CNN attending the church shortly after the shootings. Afterwards she collected the semi-automatic guns.

yes. she did a great job early on in her response to the shootings. for sure.

but then 'Jacindamania' took hold. and the northern hemisphere says they see how Hitler came to be in power. Charisma. Something like that. Blind adoration.

Then you get a mob (the people of NZ) turning violent on anybody who says anything critical of the revered leader.

The public (also media) turning very nasty indeed on the leader of the opposition at the time for daring to do his job in providing critique.

Like HItler she received a vast number of votes last election... A great proportion. In a system that was supposedly set up to prevent (or to clue people into when?) the next holocaust was on the horizon...

The standards are very bad in NZ. I have experienced them first hand. ON the side of them that means I am always marked as 'not one of us' by the perpetrators. Because i don't have those kinds of desires in response to what happened to me. Or something like that.

> It is good when you write applications.

Yeah. I guess i need to apply to get out of here. There's really nothign here for me. Couldn't be made any clearer.

> I do not think that the babble brings much good for you.

Aw. Well... You are here :) I don't spend so very very much time here, anymore.

I suppose I like to come here to feel a bit connected to some of the people in the US for a time... Hear a bit from people here how things are in their lives. It's nice for me. I enjoy chatting to you. To rj. to people who pop in from time to time...

I suppose I like to feel like Bob is here even though I don't honestly think he reads anymore. It reminds me of some warm fuzzy feelings of belonging and companionship that I've experienced here over the years.

I had good friends here. Gardnergirl and Rainbowbrite and Dinah and Atticus and Susan and AdaGrace and PartlyCloudy and so many I shouldn't start with the names...

And some of the intellectual discussions, too, about groups and group dynamics and so on. And, yeah, there's a lot here that I'm not ready to let go of.

A lot of good, like that.

I haven't found a community of people like that irl.. Haven't experienced that kind of belonging for a long while...




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