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Re: i don't really know what is going on, but... ert

Posted by alexandra_k on December 3, 2020, at 20:52:31

In reply to Re: i don't really know what is going on, but..., posted by ert on December 3, 2020, at 4:20:51

I think you sound like my Mother. What my Mother says and what she thinks. The strategy my Mother has taken with her own life, even. She chose to embrace Welfare Payments. Instead of wanting or expecting meaningful employment... Instead of wanting or expecting to be able to contribute something to society beyond her own private garden... My Mother settled into Welfare payments (less than minimum wage) for all of her days.

That's what the Government wants for me, too. For me to live on Disability (less than minimum wage) for the rest of my days. Not contributing anything to society or the community or... The Government would probably prefer me to be dead, truth be told, then it wouldn't need to pay me anything at all. Why am I still alive? I'm only a burden on the New Zealand Government -- right? There is no meaningful employment for me.

The Government is the major employer in NZ. We don't really have much, at all, in the way of private business. What little private business we have thrives from government hand-outs. Like the Briscoes Katmandu Warehouse group, or Ryman (or whatever it's called) Healthcare. Where the District Health Boards (public hospitals) contract services out to the private healthcare business and the private healthcare business turns a profit and pays dividends...

Somehow ACC (the accident compensation authority which is supposed to provide compensation to people who are injured at work, for example, in return for people giving up their right to sue their employer) is somehow investing in the stock market or something... They are investing government money and ACC is being paid dividends... Or something... That makes no sense at all...

Good people can't do business in NZ because the quotes are b*llsh*t. They then refuse to work until extortion / bribe payments are received. Things run over-time always. Things run over-cost always. They only get the contract by under-bidding and they extort the remaining money always. It prevents and precludes honest business. Good business. You can't do business with NZ.


People say I am too focused on Medicine. I have two things to say to that:

(1) People say they want to see people with internal motivation and drive and spark and passion... They want to provide lot of opportunities and experiences and it is up to you to provide the internal motivation and drive and spark and passion to steer or navigate your way through. So... I don't think it is fair to criticise me for having things I am focused on doing.

(2) If people are focused on becoming teachers or businessmen or studying bugs or yoga we don't mind. We think it's wonderful. Some combination of genuinely thinking they should pursue their interests and thinking that that they may change their mind down the track... Why do people feel differently about Meidcine and (sometimes) law or (sometimes) business / finance, even?


Sometimes older people become closed-minded. They feel they have seen everything already... Already experienced everything and made up their minds...

I feel that way about some things. I feel that way about drugs. I feel I have had the opportunity to experiment with mind altering substances and I don't feel the need to partake in any of that anymore. I mean, I could probably have a drink with some people -- but I mean I don't feel the need to experiment with mind altering substances anymore...

But with respect to learning about differnet things... Particularly academic things... I have a very open mind.


The court cases are progressing...

The Auckland trial is actually on Monday. Only a few days away. I have the last of the written submissions from the University and I guess I have various things to speak to.

They were wrong to have declined me. They have been mis-processing applications to Medicine (violating the Education Act) for years and years and years. As has the other Public Univerisity that handles Medical Admissions in NZ.

What will the courts do? We are supposed to be 'rule by law'. THe law is clear that domestic adults who have attained the age of 20 years are eligible to be enrolled in the programme they apply to. The Univesrity declined me saying they declared me 'ineligible' -- which they did not have the power to do.

They refused to process my application to Medicine.

They also refuse (and this isn't part of the case -- becuase there were too many wrongs for me to bring them to task on all of them)... They also refuse to grade studnets work properly. They refuse to allow studnets to work to international standards of scholarship. They refuse to blind grade studnets work to international standards. They think they have the power to choose which studnets they like and give them A's just because they like them. Non-academic grounds. They thought they had the power to fail me because they didn't want me to do Medicine. They wanted me to get the hell away from the Univerity so their own children and their own chosen teenagers could study Medicine instead of me. They thought they had the authrotity to choose whoever htey wanted and they decided they did not want to choose me.

Why would I want to stay with people who refuse to value international standards? It's not a University.. It's not a Medical School when it signs off on people (gives them Medical Degrees) for being suck-ups and sychophants and for paying bribes etc.

I'm not ready to retire into a life of Welfare... Give up my future prosepects so that those with every advantage handed to htem on a silver platter can go out there and wrongful death, sexual violation, organ stealing, involuntary incarceration...

The psychopaths have taken over, here...

Suppose the court orders them to train me (pointing out they don't have authority to pick and choose whoever they want)....

Will that change their grading practices?

That will take several more generations, at least.

There's really nothing much to be done with NZ but give the people the opportunity to flee if they desire to flee and otherwise shut the borders down. Make it clearer to people internationally what things are like here so teh 'right' people immigrate, only. The people struck off registers to practice overseas because of their ethical etc violations, particularly. They'll fit right on in, here. Be valued for the things they value. Etc.




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