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i don't really know what is going on, but...

Posted by alexandra_k on December 3, 2020, at 2:47:03

It seems to me that NZ is the *ss end of nowhere bottom of the world...

From the US perspective.

Which made it a target from the sense of an aspirational goal.

Like, if we can get fibre optic cables to NZ we can get fibre optic cables anywhere!!!

And so, New Zealand gets things, sometimes, many many years in advance of what they 'should' get them (in some sense of 'should') simply because of that.

And so I have had quality internet connection...

The likes of which has not been had by the kids of Providence, RI.

I have had (in some sense) better access to the teachings of Sal Kahn (MIT) and the funsies of CohhCarnage (NC) and Critical Role (California whatever that abbreviation is) than many people within those states, even.

And I suppose it is something about minority groups. Being under-valued. People don't properly appreciate the utility thereof. It may in fact be the case that this present site contravenes best practice that has been determined by many years of understanding from start-ups from California and Massacheusetts... The stuff about copyrights and so on...

But the fact that I had the internet connection to participate fully in this site at the early stage that I did... Which was inaccessible to the majority of people in America....

And it attests... It attested to something of the power of the internet.

And it is something frightning to many...

'Why would you pay for an Ivy League Education if you could get it for free on the Internet?'

Because the knowledge is only one part of the picture... Unless you have the goal to blow up the world (or similar). Mostly people want to be part of a community where they feel they are amongst like-minded others. Where they feel they belong. The internet provides a certain sense of participation and belonging... But it it limited compared to IRL.

But for many many many people of the world it is simply the best they have got.

Couple post-codes of Providence now have free internet. I hope they have internet capable devices. The kids who had the worst internet access before... Some of them... Will turn out to be... Identified as being... Which is considerably more than they had before...

The kids are citizens. Born in the US.

Which is a problem... Antagnosim...

How do you scale up the traditional New England town-ship community experience?

How do you make that experience fair?

How do you keep it as something worth working towards without ruining it by things becomming swamped?

It's a genuine thing....

But you need to identify the talent to help things progress in the right directions....




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