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Re: question for ert ert

Posted by alexandra_k on December 2, 2020, at 23:27:19

In reply to Re: question for ert, posted by ert on December 2, 2020, at 4:42:40

> I do not know what is best for you Alexandra. As you are a very intelligent woman, I see a future.

Thank you. You are very kind to me. Thank you. I choose to believe :)

> Sometimes you must fawn and flatter in your life. Until it does not get too intrusive. You must pick the right moments.

I like it when I feel that I fit. And when I feel that I fit I see people doing things that I admire or respect or whatever. And so then it isn't (or it doesn't feel like) fawning and flattering. It feels like a genuine display of affection or admiration or whatever.

But here... In NZ... People don't see or appreciate me for the things I value in myself... And I don't see much of any value around me. In the Universities, I mean to say. I don't hold the kids responsible because they are just struggling to survive.

> But it is not necessary most often that it must be 100% loyalty like president Trump demanded. Trump had successes.

It is a weird one, about Trump. I thought he was a vile and awful man -- the way many democratic Americans take him to be... But then I watched season 1 of ``The Apprentice''. And I saw how he conducted his boardroom. Listening to trusted advisors. Having sensible, rational, honest, conversation. Making good decisions.
And I came to feel differently about him.
I came to respect him.
I came to think that it was a virtue that he was independently wealthy because he wasn't in it for the money and he wasn't on the take.

But I did not watch the next 10 or however many other seasons... So...

And the behavior of Trump supporters can be hard for me to take. The rural 'I can do any damned thing I like' gun folk are a bit hard for me to take. MOstly because I feel like they would not allow me freedom or autonomy but they would trample over me or over the rights of minorities...

> He repatriated apples money, although for a higher price. He said that wind farms could be dangerous for birds which IMO can be true.

I don't know about apples. Wind farms can hurt birds when they migrate through them. Yeah.

> The immigration control and the increased vetting isnt at all bad, considered that some ethnicities can get violent with knives. As in France happened two beheadings recently.

Immigration is a difficult one, for sure. I didn't realise how many illegals there were in the US. That they couldn't get bank accounts or drivers lisences. That really does force them to get by on crime... But how to naturalise them without encouraging more and more and more and more people to enter the country unlawfully or overstay unlawfully if they think they can end up with citizenship in that way. It is a hard one.

> But why dont they control emigration for high qualified personal like Chinese It is our own fault.

That's a tricky one. You want the smartest ones to come and stay, I suppose. But they may still have loyalty for China. Serves the western world right (I think) that we didn't invest more in sending bright people over to China to learn Chinese and steal their science secrets etc.

> And there are some new factories here. The lower corporate taxes were appreciated.


> Without the virus the president would be still in charge for four more years. But I doubt that the presidents long-term goals could have been successful. Maybe I am wrong.

Yeah. I am sad that he isn't still there... But Biden seems okay to me. He isn't very familiar to me, but I don't have anything against the man.

> Chinese can steal but that does not mean that all of them steal. Some of them can have psychological disorders. To some extent it is a cultural thing. Property has a different meaning in China or Chinese culture. On this website the ruler Hsiung lets them no choice, but primarily responsible are those folks who oversee him.

Ah. Haha. People of all races and cultures and all religions steal.

People gave to him, though. Then later they re-assessed the value of their gift and wanted to take it back. Seems to me. Seems to me, yeah. It may be, in future, that artists retain their intellectual property no matter what Facebook or whatever asserts to be. I suppose that would be a development for good. I think it probably will happen eventually, yeah. I'll be a bit sad because... Here was like a vault or safe for me. To put things. To externalise things. So I don't need to carry them around with me.

But... Times change. I don't know. Sometimes things were better in the past. Some elements of them. But tiems change. Yeah.

> That we have a history of spying against our enemies and allies is empirically clear. But it is not clear, if the Chinese Communist Party has such a history. At least I do not know.

It would make sense that they would have learned a lot by sending studnets all around the world to learn everythign they could.

> Since you have a degree in psychology, there could be vacant positions in human resources. Maybe shane from mega has something for you

The Universities are playing 'take it back-sies' with my transcript.

I have applied to study in the US for next year. There is a brief blip becuase of Covid where transcripts and grades are not required because of Covid. So I've told them that the Public University System of NZ is refusing to acknowledge me -- that I'm forced to drag them through the courts because teh police won't prosecute etc etc here. So I am hoping that I will get to go to school in the US.

> Perhaps it is really something wrong in New Zealand. It is sometimes hard but hopefully you can learn to adapt to these terrible conditions.

Something is really really really really really really really wrong in NZ. UN Human rights abuses wrong in NZ. Things are very very wrong in NZ.

> The clinical trial units need statistics. But I do not know if there is much research going on in New Zealand.

No. Our people do not have speaking rights. The University hires people without the willingness and / or ability to sign people off. To teach people how to do things properly etc. THe aim is to keep slaves. To keep studnets laboring as slaves and not signing them off. To keep studnets paying the University and never being paid themselves.

> Do you really believe that this medical thing is the right and good thing ? It seems for me that you are probably a bit too obsessed with this medical thing.

It is my dream / my passion.

I believed that it would be possible for me to work towards it... To become it... To do it...

Some people want to be teachers or policemen or whatever... I wanted to be a doctor...

I wanted to study / learn Medicine.

But the New Zealand Universities choose the children of the docctors and senior officials and the kids whose parents (e.g., saudi arabians) pay teh most for the training places.

And they don't really sign them off, anyways...

We don't really have hospitals, really....

They don't get medical supplies...


Things are very very very corrupt here. I didn't get picked to do Medicine because I'm not young and stupid and compliant enough for them. I'm not going to be all awestruck by their brilliance or morality or dedication or work ethic or anything, really, anything at all. They pick the little psychopaths who paid their way in... And they pick a bunch of people they intend to abuse to profit the former. Never sign them off. Never pay them. Etc.

Being picked to do Medicine here (also law) is like being picked out to be a special victim or target of abuse. The whole system is abusive. Run by bullies. Too many chiefs.

Just a lot of squabbling and squawking in the swamp while people mop up more than their fair share of money while starving everybody else of the resources they need to do their jobs or to live.

Things are very very bad in NZ.




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