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Re: The US rips you off Alex, not New Zealand...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2020, at 14:20:52

In reply to Re: The US rips you off Alex, not New Zealand..., posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2020, at 14:13:39

and the teachers pretend to teach
and the students pretend to learn
and it's just a pretence or facade to obscure the fact that the money and titles and jobs and degrees and so on and so forth go to the people they were always going to go to...

and the only reason i exist, at all, is for their enjoyment of exploitation of me.


i didn't ask to be born.

i didn't ask to be born here.

the nation is f*ck*ng idiotic. lunacy.

i shouldn't even bother to read the news.

people just steal from me. take from me. take all my stuff.

cry cry cry for hand-outs.

it makes them feel better about themselves that they force me to be in a situation of worse.

they go 'we know you are but what am i?' by forcing me to cry for handouts.

because they refuse to credit me / acknowledge me / sign me off / pay me for the work that i do.

the Universiyt of AUckland lawyers (who filed things they were not asked to file, who did not file things they were required to file.). The University of Auckland lawyers did not file a statement of defence by the deadline. That means judgement may proceed in their absense.

So the courts proceeded to judgement -- right?

TO streamline things. To get justice done in a timely fashion -- right?

To keep legal costs down -- right?

No. The courts decided that the University of AUckland lawyers could bill / invoice for costs for work they did that they werent' supposed to do and could bill / invoice for work that they did that was late.

So Auckland lawyers claim over $40,000 of legal / court costs when tehy didn't do the most basic of thing that they were supposed to do.

Step 1: File statement of defence (to the claim that was filed) within 25 days.

They did not do that.

I filed a statemetn of claim for judicial review 11 May 2020.

Where is teh f*ck*ng judgement?

THe courts in New Zealand are a f*ck*ng joke.




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