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Re: The US rips you off Alex, not New Zealand...

Posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2020, at 13:46:45

In reply to Re: The US rips you off Alex, not New Zealand..., posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2020, at 13:34:17

You have an organisations.

Have 10 chiefs. Tribal chief executive leaders ooooooooooooooh mighty tribal chieftons. Each of them on several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year of government hand-out for them.

So the tribal chieftons have have meetings. Meetings... Meetings... Meetings about meetings about meetings. Tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for meetings. For conference meetings. For hotels and for cars and for venues and for food. The government funded tribal chieftons the chief executives the government workers.

And what do they do, exactly?

Child poverty?
Cancer care?

You name it they do it. They micro-mis-manage it. All the things. All teh things... This is how do do (how we do not do) all the things. All the things that we do.

Ensuring the children stay in poverty (how can we grow our budget? how can we grow our business? how can we ensure that more and more and more children live in more and more and more poverty so we get more and more and more of the budget?)

how can we ensure more people get cancer?

how can we ensure greater need / demand for ambulance?

But there's no money left.

There's no money to spend on doing anything other than making the situation worse.

Because that's good business.

That's how you grow your business.

That's how you grow into a business that figures a way to get money from the people independently from the government (not just relying on government hand-outs but some kind of co-pay from the people situation)... So then we can say it's independent from the government and list it on the stock exchange!

People here don't know anything at all about teh most basic of things in growth or economics. The idea of investing in that which you want to see more of...

I'm talking about our leaders.

The tribal chieftons who did Degrees in Medicine before choosing to pursue their dream in administration or politics.

Never did Economics 101.

Of course they got the Degree to say that they did that.

Of course.

They got alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the things. What thing did they not get that they wanted?

Job and Degree Titles.

That's what life is about -- right? That is the meaning?

Then you can go about in your SUV with your windows rolled up and you have your property with your big fence.

And you can play all day.... Squawkity squawkity squawk.

There's nobody home.




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