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Re: involuntary confinement

Posted by alexandra_k on November 28, 2020, at 10:03:47

In reply to involuntary confinement, posted by alexandra_k on November 28, 2020, at 9:50:57

our news is a propaganda machine. i see little evidence that it is written by real people. it likely isn't, really, since nobody seems to have speaking rights.

there's an article about how people have been given exemptions to come into quarantine for their much needed occupation of 'cleaner' or 'aged care worker'. these are occupations that typically pay minimum wage in New Zealand and are largely filled by immigrants for minimum wage. but apparently people were being given border exemptions to enter the country to work in these fields.

don't know how much they bribed the immigration processing people.

so this lady comes in. very presentable on photo. apparently she works in aged care. so she applies for job after job after job after job and she doesn't get a look-in.

they say she's too 'experienced'. by which they mean they would have to pay her more than minimum wage.

the district health boards contract everything out to Ryman Healthcare. it's an aged care facility / private hospital system listed on the New Zealand stock exchange. They took lots of government money for laying off employees over the lock-down becuase their profits were down. Before posting that profits were up to their shareholders. Paying dividends.

I think they were required or asked or whatever to pay the government back the wage subsidy they claimed (by threatening to lay off workers if they didn't get the wage subsidy).

Who wants to invest in New Zealand business?

There's them...

There's the Briscoes Warehouse Katmandu group who claimed the wage subsidy and then who fired workers anyway to post about profits to shareholders.

Then there's Fonterra who poisons Chinese infants with melamine contamination to try and make the milk powder look higher protein (nitrogen) content for greater profits.

Who wants to invest in business in New Zealand?

So after her getting her picture in the news where she's obviously a lot more presentable than their typical employees...

She's offered a job, or something.

Which apparently restores her faith in New Zealnd. Or something.

Because that's how we do. If you want to get a job then it isn't about going through the proper channels and them hirng the best person.

It's about summonsing or mustering the biggest gang you can. A tribe. Finding a tribe.

Might is right and person with biggest tribe wins!




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