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involuntary confinement

Posted by alexandra_k on November 28, 2020, at 9:50:57

During the lockdown I was unlawfully detained in the Auckland Hospital against my will without grounds.

I was held in an isolation room adjacent to the ER overnight in solitary confinement. Security guard was posted outside the door and when I attempted to leave they physically barred my exit.

I requested a phone so I could telephone a lawyer and they refused. I requested a phone so I could telephone the police to report my being held against my will and they refused.

I repeatedly asked them to allow me to leave. I repeatedly told them that they had no right to involuntarily detain me against my will.

They said they could detain me indefinately against my will for as long as they liked on the grounds that someone was 'coming' to do a psychiatric assessment of me.

When the person came to do a psychiatric assessment he did not present me with identification. I don't believe he was registered / lisenced to practice psychiatry in New Zealand or in any other country. He did not conduct a proper psychiatric assessment or examination from any standard procedure that I could see. He did not take a history. He was instructed by someone passing herself off as a nurse to do the section papers to justify my detention.

I was transferred to high dependency / emergency psychiatric ICU unit. There was no lock on my bedroom door. I was to share bathroom with male residents. Every 15 minutes a torch was shone into my room in the name of observation checks (which woke me up / prevented me sleeping).

I was repeatedly denied a phone.

I had further 'interviews' with the person passing themself off as a psychiatrist. He gave me no reason to believe he was a psychiatrist or had been trained as a psychiatrist. He seemed only interested in detaining me indefinately in the high dependency ICU.

The food smelt like slops. Apparently the high dependency ICU has a different contracted food supplier to the rest of the hospital.

I stated I did not wish to take medication. Someone lied to me about medication (saying I was being given a small dose benzodiazapine to help me sleep through observation checks) when I was being given an old-generation anti-psychotic. When I refused to take a dose I was involuntarily walked into a seclusion area (mattressed on the floor) and they were going to pull my pants down and inject me until I agreed to take an oral dose.

I needed to beg and plead with a nurse to allow me to use the phone to call a district inspector.

It was only after I managed to do this (on a Friday afternoon) that I was transferred to a more regular psychiatric ward before the weekend (he was planning on detaining me in the high dependency ICU on 15 minute obs checks to prevent me sleeping for over the weekend at least).

Preventing people sleeping is a condition of torture to induce psychosis.

The other psychiatric ward doesn't heat the room to temperature. I had 5 or 6 blankets and it was still too cold to sleep.


I am afraid about lock-downs in this country.

I went to view an apartment complex and there is largely nobody home.

There are only a few cars in the carpark.

There was no real evidence of other residents.

Each resident has access to their floor only.

I don't see what it so prevent them locking me to a single floor and refusing to allow me to leave in the name of Coronavirus.

Things do not feel at all safe for me in New Zealand.

New Zealand Universities refuse to process enrolments, completions. They refuse to get work to examiners. They refuse to sign off on Degrees.

I have spent the last few years complaining about how the government employees of New Zealand (the Universities the hospitals) don't appear to be doing any of the things that they are supposed to do.

Still, they don't appear to be doing any of the things that they are supposed to do.

I complain to politicians.

People ignore me.

I complaint via the courts. Judges give respondants leave to submit documents out of time and request me re-file my submissions. They don't get me a court date until more than half a year later.

Our country went into lock-down unlawfully.

This country detains people against their will.

This country is a nation of bullies where nobody does any of the thigs that they are required to do.

The people can't develop.

There's nothing here.




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