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Re: dear and great almighty leader, ...

Posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 18:46:03

In reply to Re: dear and great almighty leader, ..., posted by sigismund on March 22, 2020, at 3:53:03

I should read it. I know of it. I know of it as a classic. one of those books like ''To kill a mockingbird'' that is very much worth reading.

When I hear of it I always think of... I think it was the movie ''Patch Adams'' with Robbin Williams in it.

He did quite a few good ones. ''Dead Poets Society'' was one.

Gosh, these things seem like alien culture to me, right now. So very very very very alien to the culture that we have in New Zealand.

In ''Patch Adams'' he was in a psychiatric ward for a time. I don't remember why. One of the things was holding up fingers in front of someone else's face (as though for a vision test) and asking 'how many fingers do you see'. And the trick about it is that if they look at the fingers they might say 'two'. But if they look at the face of the person who is asking them the question then their vision will perceive a doubling and they will say 'four'. And so the answer to question is of course to look the asker in the eyes and see (correctly) 'four'.

And that makes sense of a lot of mental health issues. That that makes sense.


Once he got out of hospital he went to Medical School. As an older person. And of course that was okay.

Like how Abbey (maternity nurse) went to night school and studied for entry to Medical School.

Because, you know, there are different things you can do with your free time after work. And some people hang out with their family. And some people go to the gym. And some people go to the movies or theatre or a game. And some people choose to take night classes to work towards better employment.

Only in a system where that pays off. Haha. ALien culture, indeed.

ANyway... He did really well at Medical School. I guess his parents were Doctors and he was able to bribe his way into Meidcal School and then bribe them, again, for grades. The whole thing seems wildly...



Things worth working towards.

We don't have a sense of that, here.

We don't want people working.

Brown-nosing. Angels singing the praises of our leader-gods.

That is all.




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