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Re: what else is to be done?

Posted by alexandra_k on March 5, 2020, at 19:01:45

In reply to Re: patriarchy, posted by ert on March 1, 2020, at 3:28:24

> it does bring New Zealand nothing at all when posted here.

what else is to be done?

New Zealand would prefer it if I shut up.
It would not upset anyone at all if I simply dropped dead in the very near future.
New Zealand thinks it is best for New Zealand if I spent my life on disability - never earning a living wage.
For my disability of being born, here.
Amongst a bunch of money grub grub grubby grubs without the frontal lobe capacity to see the transitory nature of their immoral business strategy and the considerable harms they do across the board.

It's a combination of ineptitude and... Malevolence.

Since I returned I have sucked it up, rather a lot.
With respect to this 'starting over' thing.

But I have also not been respected at all for the things I was previously recognised to be good at.

I tutored and lectured in NZ and overseas.
I have given more than a dozen talks at conferences and in departments.

But I come back to find I don't have speaking rights.
People don't want me asking questions.

I come to realise that they actually genuinely truly believe that I'm a retarded fan-boy kind of a person who just liked going along and watching / listening to all of their work. But I wasn't capable of doing any of that. I was just a fan-boy on the side-lines...

Because I fell over and whacked my head?

They actually genuinely seem to think so...

Best case.

Worst case... They know full well I am capable and there is more of a... Malevolence.

It's actually more of the later.

I'm actually not ALLOWED to ask questions.
My stuff is actually NOT PROCESSED once they realise that processing it means I turn out to be one of the better applicants.
They didn't want to enrol me in the graduate research Degree because they *knew* I was capable of doing the work in a timely fashion.
They want to enrol students who they can bully into delaying and holding off and blame themselves for why they don't get their work in on time.

But they are a public school.
They take money from the world bank / international monetary fund / government to educate the people of NZ (and fee paying international students).
They have NO GROUNDS to refuse to enrol a suitably qualified candidate (which I am).
So they just delayed it for several months and refused to back-date it to when I started work.
They denied that I submitted a thesis for examination. They kept saying 'it's too early'. But it's a 120 point program of study. Tertiary Edcuation Commission says 120 points = 1200 hours work = 34 notional learning weeks including the examination period.
And they just REFUSE to allow anybody to work to time.
They just REFUSE.

They didn't actually have to do much, you see.
They can take longer to enrol me -- but then backdate it to when I start work.
Actually base the outcome of examination on reports of examiners as they are supposed to do. For a change.
For a change.
That's the problem.

People here don't do any of the things they are supposed to do.
Illiteracy means all people have has workplace culture. What typically or often or mostly happens gets confused with the way things must be.
They have it into their heads that their job is to make sure nobody gets their work done on time.
In other words: Those paid to educate are actually paid to ensure that only those without the capacity to do the work get the qualification (by paying 2x fees) and those with the capacity to do the work never get the qualification.

Join them!

Oh yay.

I'm not that stupid.




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