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Re: patriarchy

Posted by alexandra_k on March 5, 2020, at 5:27:56

In reply to Re: patriarchy, posted by ert on March 1, 2020, at 3:26:34

well, vegetables are a pretty good thing to like.

i wrote a thesis on 'disability and equity for medicine and public health'.

i wrote about the factors that go into producing and maintaining disability in our communities.

about the slummy slum slum housing that was only supposed to be 'temporary'.

about the amount of money the district health board members and the vice chancellors are paid...

while cleaners struggle to get by

(a breeding ground for, why, for things like coronavirus, actually!)

about how the people with the money have seemed to invest in worse futures for more of us.

about how medical selection process appears more discriminatory than anything else.

about how the elite white people and the elite maori people think that equity is about the elite minority screwing over everyone else.

about how our people are hierarchical and win-lose game playing and about how it's unsustainable and it's ruining things for us all.

my thesis was about that.

which pissed everybody off, really.

the thing was to get it done quickly. in a timely fashion. in the 'normal time'. the univerities in NZ won't sign off on graduate research in the normal time, though. they feel entitled to extract maximum money from their students.

so... i suppose i was supposed to be all brown-nosey and express fear and supplication that i wouldn't be eligable to apply to medicine if i didn't finish in teh normal time.

and maybe they would have just culled my application if they allowed me to complete the 1 year program of study over 2 years...

but likely not.

likely they wouldn't have.

basically it isn't supposed to be possible.

there are meant to be regulations so teh universities can't offer '3 year degrees' (to international students, for example) and then structure the degree program (e.g., with compulsory papers) in such a way that it is impossible to complete in 3 years.

but there isn't such a regulation on graduate research degrees.

the university is supposed to base the outcome of examination on teh 'reports' of examiners external to the university. but they don't / won't. they just say 'keep working keep working keep working' to get maximum fees.

i objected loudly.

so they failed me.

i'm getting a lawyer stuff in a couple weeks.

if he isn't able to add value to the case (if he seems more invested in delaying things only) then i'll file it myself.

i think it is a no brainer in the courts. if we have any justice at all.

hopefully they were just buying themselves some time to clean up medical training a little bit before i get to start.

they better be cleaning up medical training.

i don't know. i think they are fairly determined to churn out the next genration of rapists and murderers...




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