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Re: patriarchy

Posted by alexandra_k on March 5, 2020, at 5:17:55

In reply to Re: patriarchy, posted by ert on March 1, 2020, at 3:28:24

well what would you have me do with my writing, ert?

i could give it to the university.

i could PAY the university to give me credit / qualification for work i've done.

but i did that, you see, in 2018, I handed them a 50,000 word thesis and the univerity got all grub grub grubbity grubby grubby on me and refused to give me the Degree.

partly becuase they have decided they are entitled to extract maximum fees (e.g., by double billing / ensuring things run 2x as long).

also partly because they don't like the things I said.

about the slummy slum slum housing.

the slumy slum slum housing that is presently not up to standard such that our international students can self-isolate to do things like bathroom and kitchen and laundry and, you know, study. so they aren't coming.

if corona virus gets into south auckland we will end up with an epidemic. we were experiencing a measles epidemic in south auckland. i'm talking about people being told to 'top and tail' their kids because they are bed-sharing. if you tell people to stay home and their homes are even more over-crowded than the schools...

winter is coming.

the 'art work' around the dunedin medical buildings were the ob gym equipment that used to be used. put in glass show cases about the place. forceps and so on. these torture looking devices. to be motivating and inspiring to all the kiddies, one can only suppose. of why it is that one really really really really must get to do medicine.

there was a 'art work' at auckland. at the top of the stair case. weird voyeristic thing of these 2 guys taking photographs of a woman. a series of them. then off with her head. because, you know, that's what medicine represents to the person who thought it was a lovely thing to put right there.

it detracted, somewhat, from the view out the window of the monstrosity on the hill. some exclusive residential apartment complex in park like grounds. overlooking... everything...

it's very... disturbing. sick. f*ck*d up.

and so blatantly on display.

the art work at the top of the stair case has gone.

the blades 'sculpture' downstairs. a sort of staircase of blades.

these things aren't art work. there is no named artist. there is no blurb by the artist (or commentator) on what context for the thing.

just taking the piss is all.

walking around the library... seeing what books aren't there...

all the donated books... historical medical books and the like that have been defaced and sold off.

the next thing i'm forced to do is take them to court for judicial review to see if a judge will make them give me my degree.

then i guess i go for judicial review of the their decision to decline me entry to medicine because i didn't have that degree.

i don't know that the courts will be any the less corrupt than anything else.




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