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Re: d

Posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2019, at 18:43:51

In reply to Re: d, posted by alexandra_k on October 5, 2019, at 18:25:25

there is not a lot that i can do about the psychopath thing. i am not a psychopath. i am not a 'kiss up kick down' kind of a person. particularly when it comes to things like education and healthcare that attitude / notion doesn't not allow for a sustainable enterprise.

if you will not help people when you can get away with exploiting them...

then, uh, you are ruining it. ruining it for us all.

i can't look someone in the eyes and give them genuine smiles and tall them garbage or withhold the truth.

i can say 'i think it is a pretty color' or 'it is important that you feel comfortable' when someone is asking for emotional reassurance.

i cannot say 'everything is going to be okay' while giving someone a painkilling lethal injection. most especially not when they have not given consent or assent or information that the painkilling injection will likely kill them and do they even want to die?

i cannot withhold information about effective treatments because of the client's inability to pay.

i can say that most treatments have both pros and cons and there are risks associated with all procedures.

i don't think any of this is valued, here.

which makes me very fearful that i do not have access to the most basic level of medical care, here.


i got a flu shot the other day. first time ever. the nurse who administered it either did not speak English very well or was pretending not to speak English very well. The form was contradictory (informed consent was not possible). For example:

- I have had cancer treatment in the last 3 months

There was a whole list of statements like that. She said 'agreeing means that you haven't' and she kept saying 'and then I will give you the flu - yes? I will then give you the flu'.

I wrote 'not' into the statements and signed the form.

I said 'you mean you will give me the immunisation so it is less likely I will get the flu' and she just laughed and said she was giving me the flu.

This is the standard of health care.

I wrote down my immunisation batch number.

You see.. People look at the forms and say 'nobody voluntarily consents'. They say the people aren't capable of it. They say the people cannot tell the difference. They treat the people as animals.

They treat the people (Singer) worse than we should even treat animals.

We shouldn't even treat animals that badly.

There was this whole thing about teh Australian Psychopaths not understanding / pretending to not understand Singer.

Singer had this thing about how informed consent was for persons. About how there are degrees of personhood. Degrees of complex plans and so on. About how some animals have higher cognitive capacity than many homo sapiens do. It was about how we cannot draw an arbirary line at species. It is arbitrary to say 'never euthanise homo sapiens but indiscriminate killing of animals is acceptable'

He was arguing that we should treat animals significantly better than we do.

He was not arguing that we should treat some homo sapiens (the ones without capacity such as infants and intellectually handicapped) worse or as bad as we treat animals.

but in the spirit of 'in order for me to succeed i don't need to pursue success all i need is for my success to be tied to the failure of people who'se failure is inevitable' mindset a bunch of handicapped people were encouraged to pick up placards and so on and argue against the straw man position that Singer was advocating that we murder them all!

I am so done trying to explain these things to people who lack the capacity to understand.

It isn't a failure of rationality.

I don't know what it is.

I don't care what it is.

It is tedious.

No amount of explaining by me helps anybody else understand. It is a pointless waste of time of an exercise.

But surely I have done my time with all these awful awful awful awful awful people being the boss of me and many other people for the good of... Uh... For the good of... Uh... For the good of... Becaues they are getting away with it. Becuase there is nothing else they would rather be doing with their lives than abusing others with their power.

Yay them.


And then they get sick.




And that's what billings is for. Triage them to billings...




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